Evolution Cruncher Chapter 20

Tectonics and Paleomagnetism  

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The truth about plate tectonics and paleomagnetism

This chapter is based on pp. 831-863 of Other Evidence (Volume Three of our three-volume Evolution Disproved Series). Not included in this paperback chapter are at least 35 statements in the chapter of the larger book, plus 70 more in its appendix. You will find them, plus much more, on our website: evolution-facts.org.

WE ARE SORRY, but we did not have room in this paperback for this chapter.

Here are the reasons we did not include it:

(1) You will find it ALL on our website, evolution-facts.org. Go to the chapter entitled, "Paleomagnetism." (2) If we had included that chapter, we would have had to leave out other very important material which you need in paperback format. (3) Because of the complexity of the data, it is best to present it in full on our website rather than only partially in this paperback. (4) Continental drift, plate tectonics, magnetic reversals, and seafloor spreading do not constitute basic areas of evolutionary theory, as do most of the other topics discussed in this paperback.

Here is what you will find in the "Paleomagnetism" chapter on our website:

1 - Plate tectonics: Description of the theory. The reasons why evolutionists have accepted the erroneous theories of continental drift and plate tectonics. Why the same evidence is explained better by an earlier worldwide Flood. Statements by scientists who disagree with the plate tectonics theory. 

2 - Paleomagnetism: Description of the facts in some detail. Magnetic reversals of the earth’s core. The evolutionary explanation for this. The Flood explains the data better. Serious flaws in the evolutionists’ theories.

Here are some quotations from that chapter:

"Why then do a few crabbed earth scientists refuse to accept some or all of the tenets of the ‘new global tectonics’? . . Strictly speaking, then, we do not have a scientific hypothesis, but rather a pragmatic model, reshaped to include each new observation . . Obviously, this kind of model is not testable in any rigorous scientific sense."—*John C. Maxwell, "The New Global Tectonics," in Geotimes, January 1973, p. 31.

"The theories of continental drift and seafloor spreading are highly conjectural."—*Daniel Behrman, New World of Oceans (1973), p. 209.

"Continental Drift, once anathema and now enshrined, faces scores of technical objections. To illustrate one class of objections, it has been noted that many continents fit together well regardless of where they now ‘float.’ Australia, for example, locks well into the U.S. East Coast. Like evolution, Continental Drift seems to explain too many things too superficially."—*William Corliss, Unknown Earth: A Handbook of Geologic Enigmas (1980), p. 444 [emphasis his].

"The scientific establishment was not particularly impressed by these findings, and for good reason—the science of paleomagnetism was and remains an inexact one. Rocks are at best undependable recorders of the magnetic field, and interpreting their secrets requires numerous tests with plenty of room for error. Many scientists thought that the paleomagnetic evidence for continental drift was based on inadequate sampling, inaccurate measurements and unjustified assumptions."—*Thomas A. Lewis, Continents in Collision (1983), p. 83




Use the data found in chapter 26, Paleomagnetism, on our website, in preparing answers to the following:

1 - Write a brief paragraph giving several reasons why the continental drift theory is incorrect.

2 - Prepare a brief report on paleomagnetism and why it need not indicate long ages of time. You may want to refer back to chapter 14 in this paperback, Effects of the Flood, which helps explain the events which took place at the Flood and afterward.

3 - Scientists find it very difficult to obtain reliable data from magnetic rocks on land. Give several reasons why this is so.

4 - Define and explain one of the following: (1) earth’s fluid core; (2) a magnetic field; (3) earth’s magnetic field [GMF]; (4) reversed polarity.

5 - Write a brief report on geo-magnetic reversals (reversals in earth’s magnetic field).

6 - Potassium-argon is the primary dating method used to try to date reversals. From the evidence available, explain why this technique is totally unreliable.

7 - Prepare a half-page report on the unreliability of ocean core dating.

8 - Basing your reply on flood geology, explain the facts discovered about the ocean floor, in relation to stripes and fault lines.

9 - Write a brief paper on the flaws in the plate tectonics theory that renders it unscientific.


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