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    CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR Hermotimus of Lucian. During one of these wanderings his wife thought him dead, and his body was burnt. Whether the poor soul, thus suddenly ejected, obtained another habitation is not narrated. ‘Of their relations,’ related or belonging to themselves. — Ed. Also where the gardener hath set them, there they stand, and quarrel not one with another. — Pilgrim , part 2. Interpreter’s House , vol. 3. 186; see also vol. 2. 570. — Ed. ‘Where the great red dragon Satan had his seat.’ — Dr. Gill’s Commentary. See also Revelation 12 — Ed. This manly, bold, and upright statement of truth, was published in 1674, only two years afer the author’s deliverance from twelve years and a half’s incarceration in a damp, miserable jail, for nonconformity! None but those whose close communion with God inspires them with the confessor’s courage, can understand the spirit which dictated such language. Had all dissenters used such faithful words, the church would long ago have been emancipated from persecution in this country. — Ed. This is a very extensive and awful delusion. To mistake the ‘outward and visible sign’ for the ‘inward and spiritual grace’ is a very general and fatal error. Of it’s sad effects all religious parties have warned their members. It has done infinite mischief to the souls of men. — Ed. The queen of Sheba was as much or more delighted with the order, harmony, and happiness of Solomon’s household than she was with all his splendor and magnificence. It is to this Bunyan refers in this quotation. — Ed. ‘Though the words of the wise — are as nails fastened by the master of assemblies ( Ecclesiastes 12:11) yet sure their examples are the hammer to drive them in to take the deeper hold. A father that whipt his son for swearing, and swore himself while he whipt him, did more harm by his example than good by his correction.’ — Fuller’s Holy State , p. 11 — .Ed. How exceedingly admirable are all these scriptural directions, warnings, and cautions. Happy are those parents and their children where such wisdom is manifested in that painful duty of administering counsel and correction. — Ed. One of the Saxon laws was, that if a serf or villain work on Sunday by his lord’s command, he shall be a free man. — Spelman’s Concilia, An. 692. — Ed. The rust of money in the rich man’s purse, unjustly detained from the laborer, will poison and infect his whole estate. — Fuller’s Holy State, p. 16. — Ed. The apostle Peter, in his solemn injunctions to married persons, commences with the wife. Fuller observes upon this, ‘And sure it was fitting that women should first have their lesson given them, because it is harder to be learned, — and therefore they need have the more time to con it.’ — Holy State, p. 1. — Ed. ‘In her husband’s absence she is wife and deputy husband, which makes her double the files of her diligence. At his return he finds all things so well, that he wonders to see himself at home when he was abroad.’ — Fuller’s Holy State, p. 2. — Ed. ‘She never crosseth her husband in the spring-tide of his anger, but stays till it be ebbing water.’ — Fuller’s Maxims. — Ed. Bunyan’s words are ‘to show pity,’ probably taken from the word ‘goodness’ in the margin of the Bible; but lest it might be a typographical error, the usual rendering is given in this quotation. — Ed. ‘What is the child but a piece of the parents wrapped up in another skin.’ — Flavel.

    On seeing a Mother with her Infant asleep in her Arms. ‘Thine is the morn of life, All laughing, unconscious of the evening with her anxious cares, Thy mother filled with the purest happiness and bliss Which an indulgent Heaven bestows upon a lower world, Watches and protects her dearest life, now sleeping in her arms.’

    German Poem. — Ed. Bunyan’s silence, in all his writings, concerning the state of his parents as to godliness, may lead us to fear that this fervent ejaculation had often been poured forth by his own soul on behalf of his father and mother. All that we know of them is, that they were poor, but gave their children the best education their means afforded; as to their piety he is silent. — Ed. ‘To the Greeks.’ Bunyan in this follows the Puritan translation. The word ‘Greeks’ is in the margin of the authorized Bible. — Ed. This is a most beautiful passage, unequalled by any ancient or modern author. Such a view of church fellowship does honor to the head and heart of the prince of allegorists. It is worthy to be printed in letters of gold, and presented to every candidate for church fellowship among all Christian societies of every denomination. See p. 550, and note . — Ed. To ‘hold the head’ is to make a very prominent profession of religion. — Ed. ‘Of unbelief’ see margin of the Bible. — Ed.

    HOLY LIFE THE BEAUTY OF CHRISTIANITY CHAPTER - The term “flesh” here, and often elsewhere is used figuratively to denote, not the body as distinguished from the soul, but the principle of sin, the native disposition of man as a fallen being in opposition to the Spirit, or principle of holiness communicated to believers in regeneration. This use of the term “flesh” is found in Genesis 6:3.

    Our Savior sanctions this usage in John 3:6; John 6:63. And Paul, in Romans 7:5; Romans 8:1-13; Galatians 5:17-26.

    CHAPTER - England under Charles II was overrun with wickedness in the false profession of Christianity. The Corporation and Test Acts, intended to crush Popery and Dissent, augmented profaneness in the Clergy, and in all other classes of State officials. The moral condition of the people is easily inferred.

    CHAPTER - Had Bunyan lived in our day, he would have added, “Many there be who more regularly and earnestly read the morning paper than the word of God, by which men are solemnly enjoined to live.

    Ft25 However Christians differ in judgment and in Church relations, they are bound by the law of Christ to hold with each other as members of one glorious Head, the real communion of spiritual love, courtesy and kindness. This does not imply meeting at the Lord’s Table — which is a symbol also of communion in Church relations. Many mistake here, and confound the one with the other. But an Apostle has warned us that “the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink.” Romans 14:17.


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