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    BIOGRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION 1.CHRISTIAN CONTENTMENT DESCRIBED I. It is inward II. It is quiet What this is not opposed to What it is opposed to III. It is a frame of spirit IV. It is a gracious frame V. It freely submits to God’s disposal VI. It submits to God’s disposal VIII. It submits and takes please in God’s disposal IX. It does this in every condition 2.THE MYSTERY OF CONTENTMENT I. A Christian is content, yet unsatisfied II. He comes to contentment by subtraction III. By adding another burden to himself IV. By changing the affliction into something else V. By doing the work of his circumstances VI. By melting his will into God’s will VIII. He lives on the dew of God’s blessing IX. He sees God’s love in afflictions X. His afflictions are sanctified in Christ XI. He gets strength from Christ XII. He makes up his wants in God XIII. He gets contentment from the Covenant He supplies wants by what he finds in himself He gets supply from the Covenant 1 . The Covenant in general 2 . Particular promises in the Covenant XIV. He realizes the things of Heaven XV. He opens his heart to God 3.HOW CHRIST TEACHES CONTENTMENT I. The lesson of self-denial II. The vanity of the creature III. To know the one thing needful IV. To know one’s relation to the world V. Wherein the good of the creature is VI. The knowledge of one’s own heart VII. The burden of a prosperous condition VIII. The evil of being given up to one’s heart desires IX. The right knowledge of God’s providence 4.THE EXCELLENCE OF CONTENTMENT I. By it we give God his due worship II. In it is much exercise of grace III. The soul is fitted to receive mercy IV. It is fitted to do service V. It delivers from temptations VI. It brings abundant comforts VII. It gets the comfort of things not possessed VIII. It is a great blessing on the soul IX. A contented man may expect reward X. By it the soul comes nearest the excellence of God 5.THE EVILS OF A MURMURING SPIRIT I. It argues much corruption in the soul II. It is the mark of an ungodly man III. Murmuring is accounted rebellion IV. It is contrary to grace, especially in conversion V. It is below a Christian VI. By murmuring we undo our prayers VII. The evil effects of murmuring VIII. Discontent is a foolish sin IX. It provokes the wrath of God X. There is a curse on it XI. There is much of the spirit of Satan in it XII. It brings an absolute necessity of disquiet XIII. God may withdraw his protection 6.AGGRAVATIONS OF THE SIN OF MURMURING I. The greater the mercies the greater the sin of murmuring II. When we murmur for small things III. When men of gifts and abilities murmur IV. The freeness of God’s mercy V. When we have the things for the want of which we were discontented VI. When men are raised from a low position VII. When men have been great sinners VIII. When men are of little use in the world IX. When God is about to humble us X. When God’s hand is apparent in an affliction XI. When God has afflicted us for a long time 7.THE EXCUSES OF A DISCONTENTED HEART I. It is a sense of my condition’ II. ‘I am troubled by my sin’ III. ‘God withdraws himself from me’ IV. ‘It is men’s bad treatment that troubles me’ V. ‘I never expected this affliction’ VI. ‘My affliction is so great’ VII. ‘My affliction is greater than others’ VIII. ‘If the affliction were any other, I could be content’ IX. ‘My afflictions make me unserviceable to God’ X. ‘My condition is unsettled’ XI. ‘I have been in a better condition’ XII. I am crossed after taking great pains’ XIII. ‘I do not break out in discontent’ 8.HOW TO ATTAIN CONTENTMENT I. Considerations to content the heart in any afflicted condition 1 . The greatness of the mercies we have 2 . God is beforehand with us with his mercies 3 . The abundance of mercies God bestows 4 . All creatures are in a vicissitude 5 . The creatures suffer for us 6 . We have but little time in the world 7 . This has been the condition of our betters 8 . We were content with the world without grace, and should be now with grace without the world 9 . We did not give God the glory when we had our desires 10. The experience of God doing us a good in afflictions II. Directions for attaining contentment 1 . There must be grace to make the soul steady 2 . Do not grasp too much of the world 3 . Have a call to every business 4. Walk by rule 5. Exercise much faith 6 . Labour to be spiritually-minded 7 . Do not promise yourselves great things 8 . Get hearts mortified to the world 9 . Do not pore too much on afflictions 10. Make a good interpretation of God’s ways to you 11. Do not regard the fancies of other men 12. Do not be inordinately taken up with the comforts of the world


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