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    [This Treatise is a translation from the German of Otho Wermullerus, or Vuerdmullerus, an eminent scholar and divine of Zurich, contemporary of Bishop Coverdale. Of this we are informed by Hugh Singleton in the Preface to an edition published by him after Coverdale’s death, in which he states that in consequence of some spurious editions, which had been published in his name, “he had thought it good to set it forth again according to the true copy of that translation that he received at the hands of M. Doctor Milo Coverdale;” at whose hand he received also the copies of three other works of Wermullerus. The names of these other books are:

    First, “A treatise on Death;” the second, “Of Justification;” and the third, “Of the Hope of the Faithful.”

    This work was first sent forth under the especial patronage of the Protector Somerset in 1550, on the conclusion of his troubles at that period, and under the circumstances stated in the Preface prefixed to this edition by the Protector himself. This fact is also mentioned in the titlepage to this edition; in which it is said to have been “stet forth by the most honorable Lord, the duke his grace of Somerset, as appeareth by his Epistle set before the same.” But no mention is made either of Wermullerus or Coverdale; the fact of its being a translation from the former being, as far as appears, first noticed in the edition of Hugh Singleton.

    Copies of this interesting edition are found in the Library of the British Museum, and in that of the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough. This volume contains, in addition to this treatise, a form of prayer composed by the Protector’s chaplain, Thomas Becon, which was used daily in his family at Shene during his disgrace. These prayers will be found in the third volume of the works of Becon, (Park. Soc.)

    The present edition is taken from the reprint of a subsequent edition of the same year, which appears from internal evidence to have been corrected by Coverdale himself. It has been collated carefully with the Peterborough copy throughout; all the important variations have been noted; the marginal notes have been added from the Peterborough copy; and the scripture references, which are made in that copy according to the division of the chapters employed in Coverdale’s bible, have been adapted to the present mode of division into verses. For the opportunity which has been thus afforded of making this edition more conformable to this valuable original edition of the author, the Editor is indebted to the kindness and liberality of the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough.


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