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    SOME Account of John Fox, the Martyrologist A Sermon of Christ Crucified, preached at Paulís Cross, the Friday before Easter. commonly called Good Friday, A. D. 1570. Written and dedicated to all such as labor and are heavy laden in conscience, to be read for their spiritual comfort.

    Christ Jesus Triumphant; wherein is described the glorious triumph and conquest of Christ, over sin, death, the law, the strength and pride of Satan, with all other enemies against the poor soul of man Of Free Justification by Christ; written against the Osorian righteousness and other patrons of the same doctrine of inherent righteousness. Also a friendly and modest defense against the whole Tridentine and Jesuitical crew, abridged Epistle of the Author THE FIRST BOOK. 1 . Inherent righteousness can no where be found in this nature. 2 . Of the law, and of the gospel 3 . How easy it is to err in the doctrine of justification 4 . The opinion of Osorio 5 . The righteousness of the law and of the gospel 6 . Concerning evangelical righteousness 7 . The power and efficacy of faith 8 . How faith justifies fallen sinners 9 . Defense of Luther 10 . Whence faith hath received its efficacy 11 . In justification, not so much the condition of the deeds as of the persons, is regarded 12 . Absurdities that arise from the Osorian (Romish) righteousness 13 . Arguments whereby righteousness is attributed to works answered 14 . The benefit, and peculiar office of repentance 15 . Of sin, and the healing thereof by Christ 16 . The necessity of good works 17 . Assertions against the free imputation of righteousness examined 18 . Concerning righteousness, and its definition 19 . Concerning inherent and imputed righteousness 20 . How far the works of human life are from the perfection of righteousness 21 . Against the Jesuits and their arguments 22 . Christís righteousness is ours, confirmed by the example of Adam 23 . The imitation of Christ discoursed of at large 24 . Concerning the promises of God 25 . The perfection of righteousness, and obedience of the law 26 . How Christ takes away sins 27 . Christ begins his benefits in this life, and perfects them in the life to come 28 . On reconciliation to God 29 . Concerning the sins of the saints 30 . Concerning the grace of God 31 . How the papists and protestants understand the word Grace 32 . Concerning the virtue and efficacy of Divine grace 33 . What benefits come to us from Christ 34 . The error of the Tridentines in defining grace 35 . The calling of God and his grace, are free and gratuitous 36 . The paradox of the Tridentines 37 . The grace of God consists only in the free favor of God Extracts from the second book, concerning faith and the promise How love and repentance are concerned in justification Extracts from the third book, which is a confutation of the arguments, whereby the adversaries defend their inherent righteousness, against the righteousness of faith De Oliva Evangelica, the true and gladsome Olive Tree. A sermon preached at the christening of a certain Jew at London.

    Containing an Exposition of the eleventh chapter of St. Paul to the Romans The Confession of Faith, which Nathanael, a Jew born, made before the congregation BALE.

    Some Account of John Bale, bishop of Ossory Extracts from theIMAGE OF BOTH CHURCHES, after the most wonderful and heavenly revelation of St. John the Evangelist; containing a very fruitful exposition or paraphrase upon the same, wherein it is conferred with the other scriptures, and most authorized histories COVERDALE.

    Some Account of Miles Coverdale, bishop of Exeter A Prologue to the Bible, A.D. Extracts from a Confutation of the Treatise made against the Protestation of Dr. Barnes Preface to certain most godly, fruitful, and comfortable Letters of the Martyrs


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