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    THE REASON OF FAITH. PREFATORY NOTE BY THE EDITOR Preface 1. — The subject stated — Preliminary remarks. 2. — What it is infallibly to believe the Scripture to be the word of God, affirmed. 3. — Sundry convincing external arguments for divine revelation. 4. — Moral certainty, the result of external arguments, insufficient. 5. — Divine revelation itself the only foundation and reason of faith. 6. — The nature of divine revelations — Their self-evidencing power considered, particularly that of the Scriptures as the word of God. 7. — Inferences from the whole — Some objections answered.


    Prefatory Note by the Editor.

    The Preface 1. — Usurpation of the church of Rome with reference unto the Interpretation of the Scripture, or right understanding of the mind of God therein — Right and ability of all believers as to their own duty herein asserted — Importance of the truth proposed — The main question stated — The principal sufficient cause of the understanding which believers have in the mind and will of God as revealed in the Scriptures, the Spirit of God himself — General assertions to be proved — Declared in sundry particulars — Inference from them. 2. — The general assertion confirmed with testimonies of the Scripture — <19B918> Psalm 119:18 opened at large — Objections answered — Corinthians 3:13-18, Isaiah 27:7, explained — Luke 24:44,45, opened — Ephesians 1:17-19 explained and pleaded in confirmation of the truth — Hosea 14:9. 3. — Other testimonies pleaded in confirmation of the same truth — John 16:13 opened — How far all true believers are infallibly led into all truth declared, and the manner how they are so — 1 John 2:20,27, explained — What assurance of the truth they have who are taught of God — Ephesians 4:14; Job 36:22; John 6:45 — Practical truths inferred from the assertion proved. 4. — The especial work of the Holy Spirit in the illumination of our minds unto the understanding of the Scripture declared and vindicated — Objections proposed and answered — The nature of the work asserted — Ps, 119:18; Ephesians 1:18; Luke 24:45; 1 Peter 2:9; Colossians 1:15; 1 John 5:20, opened and vindicated. 5. — Causes of the ignorance of the mind of God revealed in the Scripture, and of errors about it — What they are, and how they are removed. 6. — The work of the Holy Spirit in the composing and disposal of the Scripture as a means of sacred illumination — The perspicuity of the Scripture unto the understanding of the mind of God declared and vindicated. 7. — Means to be used for the right understanding of the mind of God in the Scripture — Those which are prescribed in a way of duty. 8. — The second sort of means for the interpretation of the Scripture, which are disciplinarian. 9. — Helps ecclesiastical in the interpretation of the Scripture. [BOOK VII.] A DISCOURSE OF THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN PRAYER.

    Prefatory Note by the Editor.

    Preface to the Reader. 1. — The use of prayer, and the work of the Holy Spirit therein. 2. — Zechariah 12:10 opened and vindicated. 3. — Galatians 4:6 opened and vindicated. 4. — The nature of prayer — Romans 8:26 opened and vindicated. 5. — The work of the Holy Spirit as to the matter of prayer. 6. — The due mannner of prayer, wherein it doth consist. 7. — The nature of prayer in general, with respect unto forms of prayer and vocal prayer — Ephesians 6:18 opened and vindicated. 8. — The duty of external prayer by virtue of a spiritual gift explained and vindicated 9. — Duties inferred from the preceding discourse. 10. — Of mental prayer as pretended unto by some in the church of Rome. 11. — Prescribed forms of prayer examined. [BOOK VIII.] A DISCOURSE ON THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A COMFORTER.

    Prefatory Note by the Editor.

    The Preface. 1. — The Holy Ghost the comforter of the church by way of office — How he is the church’s advocate — John 14:16; 1 John 2:1,2; John 16:8-11 opened, 2. — General adjuncts or properties of the office of a comforter, as exercised by the Holy Spirit 3. — Unto whom the Holy Spirit is promised and given as a comforter, or the object of his acting in this office. 4. — Inhabitation of the Spirit the first thing promised. 5. — Particular actings of the Holy Spirit as a comforter — How he is an unction. 6. — The Spirit a seal, and how. 7. — The Spirit an earnest, and how. 8. — The application of the foregoing Discourse. [BOOK IX.] A DISCOURSE OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS. 1. — Spiritual gifts, their names and signification 2. — Differences between spiritual gifts and saying grace. 3. — Of gifts and offices extraordinary; and first of offices. 4. — Extraordinary spiritual gifts, 1 Corinthians 12:5-11. 5. — Tho original, duration, use, and end, of extraordinary spiritual gifts. 6. — Of ordinary gifts of the Spirit — The grant, institution, use, benefit, end, and continuance of the ministry. 7. — Of spiritual gifts enabling the ministry to the exercise and discharge of their trust and office. 8. — Of the gifts of the Spirit with respect unto doctrine, worship, and rule — How attained and improved.


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