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    A monthly magazine, true to its title. Each issue contains two or three lengthy articles by the writer. $1.00 per year. Address Studies in the Scriptures, Swengel, Pa. Erroneous in the sense that it is but a shadowy and secondary fulfillment, rather than the ultimate and primary. See also the chapter on Satan’s Origin in the writer’s “Satan and his Gospel” obtainable from the Bible Truth Depot, Swengel, Pa. at cents. It is the Man of Sin who is to be the last great Caesar: this will be made clear in our study of the Antichrist in the Revelation. Psalm 78:49 speaks of God using “evil angels” (those mentioned in Revelation 12:7) in His judgments on Egypt. It is remarkable that just three times (the number of resurrection) the healing of the Antichrist’s wound of death is referred to here in Revelation 13 — see vv. 3, 12, 14! There is no room for a quibble about the meaning of “Babylon”, for v. 19 expressly terms it “The beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency”. A book of intense interest for the antiquarian, but dull and wearisome for the average reader. He that hath the Bride ( John 3:29), spoken by John the Baptist — the “friend of the Bridegroom” — demonstrates that “the Bride” was in view during our Lord’s ministry unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The believing Remnant who “received” Him, form the nucleus and were representative of redeemed Israel, millennial Israel, the Bride of the Lamb. It will not have come in the sense of this verse, until it pervades the Roman world. When all the ten kingdoms have been constitutionalized, it may be said to have come. Mr. Baron is probably the ablest and most widely known and esteemed Hebrew Christian alive today. What they suffered in A.D. 70 was, first, for the sins of their fathers, see Luke 11:50; and second, for the murder of Christ, see Matthew 22:7. That the Hebrew word for “clay” in these passages is a different one from that employed in Daniel 2 is exactly what areflecting mind would naturally expect. Isaiah 64 and Jeremiah 18 treat of the Israel that shall be restored, whereas Daniel 2 speaks of the apostate portion of Israel, irrevocablly given up to judgment. In striking accord with this, we may add, that the word used in Isaiah 64 and Jeremiah 18 refers to clay in its native and mouldable stage; but the word in Daniel 2 signifies “burnt clay” which denotes its final condition: here, as always, “burning” tells of Divine judgment!


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