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    Except that in the closing paragraphs Dr. McNicol is somewhat confused about the present relation of the Law to the believer. And this of necessity. As already stated, the Ten Commandments reveal the will of the Creator for every human creature, and as Israelites were first God’s creatures before being brought into the relationship of His covenant people, the moral Law was given to them before the Mosaic Law. This explains why the Ten Commandments are repeated in Deut. 5. In Ex. 20 they are addressed to God’s creatures; in Deut. 5, to Israel as Jehovah’s covenant people Mark the absence in Deut. 5 of “God spake all these words”! “The Christian Sabbath”. 30 cents. “Christian Liberty”. 15 cents. This theme is developed by showing the superiority of Christ—the Center and Life of Christianity - over angels. Adam, Moses, Hoshua, Aaron, and the whole Levitical economy. Verses 8-12 are more or less in the nature of a parenthesis. That some obedient children are short-lived no more belies the Word of God than that some diligent men are poor, yet Proverbs 10:4 says, “The hand of the diligent maketh rich:” The truth is, that these promises reveal the general purpose of God, but He always reserves to Himself the sovereign right to make whom He pleases exceptions to the general rule.


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