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    INTRODUCTION The best of Arthur W Pinkís writings are those in which he explains the practical aspects of the Christian life. He was aware that the interest of many professing Christians during the period in which he lived focused on doctrinal matters, in particular, unfulfilled prophecy. In addition he regarded much of the practical teaching that was given as shallow and not coming up to scriptural demands. To combat this he emphasized in his magazine, Studies in the Scriptures, the fact that believers are to live according to the Scriptures as well as believe the truth taught in them.

    There are several books by Pink available today, of which perhaps his best known work is The Sovereignty of God. Most of them are articles taken from his magazine. He wrote on a wide variety of topics including the attributes of God, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, communion with God, spiritual growth and biblical characters. Some other articles from Studies in the Scriptures have never been reprinted.

    This publication entitled The Life of Faith is a selection drawn from published books and magazine articles. The intention is to stress Pinkís main emphases, beginning with what God has done for his people and then focusing on certain aspects of the Christian life.

    Chapter 1 shows the design of God in purposing the death of Christ on behalf of his people. Chapter 2 unfolds the work of the Spirit in the Christian Dispensation; while chapter 3, clearly states the nature of Christian assurance.

    The remaining chapters concentrate on different aspects of the Christian life. Chapter 4 stresses the need for spiritual development, and Pink makes interesting observations on the meaning of progressive sanctification. In Chapter 5, Pink brings together two important individual spiritual disciplines, Bible reading and prayer. Chapter 6 outlines the believerís relationship to Godís moral law, summarized in the Ten Commandments.

    In Chapter 7 Pink examines a common feature of Christian experienceó backsliding and restoration as seen in the life of David. Chapter 8 also looks at an individual, Elisha, to see the way believers, and in particular, ministers can be tested by God. Christian submission is the theme of chapter 9óan attitude to be worked out in all relationships of life. The final selection, Grace Preparing For Glory, is an exhortation to live appropriately in the light of the Second Coming of Jesus.

    The overall theme is one of providing a balanced approach to living in a Christian way.

    A small amount of editing has been done but each selection is essentially as Pink originally wrote it.


    Chapter 1: The Satisfaction of Christ (1930-31) Chapter 2: The Holy Spirit (1933-37) Chapter 3: The Holy Spirit (1933-37) Chapter 4: Spiritual Growth (1944-46) Chapter 5: Profiting from the Word (1930-32) Chapter 6: Gleanings in Exodus (1924-29) Chapter 7: The Life of David (1932-39) Chapter 8: The Life of Elisha (1943-45) Chapter 9: Studies in the Scriptures Chapter 10: Studies in the Scriptures 1936


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