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    ft1.Stop, I beseech you, and beware of what you say. —EDIT.

    ft2.Libel on persons of exalted rank. —EDIT. These were the words I wrote at the time.

    ft4.Wait for the Lord. Quit thyself like a man. Yield not to distrust. Be unwilling to depart; but constantly expose body and soul for the glory of God. —EDIT.

    ft5.Do not well agree, and never remain together in the same place. —EDIT.

    ft6.The greater benefit of the Church. —EDIT.

    ft7.A man of one book. —EDIT.

    ft8.A call to the work, and a call to the office. —EDIT.

    ft9.That worship which is not instituted is not right. —EDIT

    ft10.“Thou shalt not make to thyself——.” —EDIT.

    ft11.Too happy, if their happiness they knew!

    ft12.Mr. Johnson.

    ft13.The grand doctrine by which a church stands or falls. —EDIT.

    ft14.To lay aside big words that have no determinate meaning.

    ft15.It appears highly probable that he was himself experimentally acquainted with these things.

    ft16.How strange is this! But how little do we know concerning the laws of the invisible world!

    ft17.So it is plain, he knew her thoughts. But this is widely distant from knowing the hearts of all men.

    ft18.Such an impression, even though she felt no fear, did the presence of a superior nature make upon her!

    ft19.Was this real, or did he only raise such a sensation in her?

    ft20.Was this a real modulation of the air? Was it designed to show that he was happy, and to encourage her to speak?

    ft21.Who can account for this?

    ft22.By what means could he know this?

    ft23.So he likewise knew her thoughts.

    ft24.I do not understand this.

    ft25.Another instance like this we shall see by and by; but the reason of it we cannot so much as conjecture.

    ft26.So, a spirit finds no difficulty in traveling three or four thousand miles in a moment!

    ft27.How often are spirits present when we do not think of it!

    ft28.Why not? What had he to do with the things under the sun?

    ft29.Did he then know Mr. Dunn’s thoughts?

    ft30.Was he sure of this? Or did he only conjecture?

    ft31.What a picture! Far beyond her invention!

    ft32.That he might not fright her, by vanishing away.

    ft33.Surely God saw this was as much as she could bear.

    ft34.At her not speaking. But why could not speak first? Is this contrary to a law of the invisible world?

    ft35.Poor ghost! Did this divert thee for a moment from attending to the worm that never dieth?

    ft36.So, he saw her thought! But did he not pity her too?

    ft37.This seems to have been peculiarly intolerable to him, the thought of what he had lost.

    ft38.So he had observed him narrowly, though unseen.

    ft39.Is not this like the concern of Dives for his five brethren? Luke 16:28 .

    ft40.Here, at least, he shows some remains of real affection.

    ft41.Her aunt.

    ft42.About half a mile from the town.

    ft43.No! Not though she know him to be a damned spirit.

    ft44.Why not? Who can tell?

    ft45.And where canst thou stay with any comfort? Dost not thou carry with thee thy own hell?

    ft46.How strange is this! Who can account for it?

    ft47.About a quarter of a mile from the hill.

    ft48.What is it to me?

    ft49.Supreme law. —EDIT.

    ft50.It is a shame to take much pains about trifles.

    ft51.Difficult point, that requires a serious solution. —EDIT.

    ft52.I did not desert her: I did not send her away: I will never recall her. —\parEDIT.

    ft53.He has no brains.EDIT.

    ft54.Under a lowly roof. —EDIT.

    ft55.“The illustrious order of Magistrates, and honorable Court [senatorum of Aldermen, of the famous city of Perth, as a proof of their well-merited esteem and affection for John Wesley, have invested him with the immunities of the above-mentioned city, and with the privileges of the fellowship and brotherhood of a Burgess: This 28th day of April, in the year of our salvation 1772 . ” —EDIT.

    ft56.You will at length extort from me a severe castigation. —EDIT.


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