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    ft1.Elizabeth Padbury.

    ft2.What a vast disparity between the two! —EDIT.

    ft3.A fever produced by an incautious exposure to the sun. —EDIT.

    ft4.A sight worthy of God himself. —EDIT.

    ft5.The following is Dryden’s translation of these lines: — The first thus rent, a second will arise:

    And the same metal the same room supplies.— EDIT

    ft6.The following is Boscawen’s translation of these verses from Horace: — Thy lands, thy dome, thy pleasing wife, These must thou quit; ‘tis nature’s doom:

    No tree, whose culture charms thy life, Save the sad cypress, waits thy tomb.

    Of meat and drink, of pleasure and of play, You’ve had your fill: ‘Tis time you steal away, Lest you be jostled off by that brisk race Whom sports become, and wanton revels grace. — EDIT.

    ft7.The bravest Amazonian of her race. —EDIT.

    ft8.I perceived at once the fate of the Monarchy. –EDIT.

    ft9.The love of finery among the poor. —EDIT.

    ft10.Ye Catamites among the Greeks and Romans, concede to this wretch the palm of criminality. —EDIT.

    ft11.Corn is growing on the spot where Troy formerly stood. —EDIT.

    ft12.The following is Boscawen’s translation of these lines from Horace: — Day treads on day with rapid pace; Moons hasten to their wane by nature’s doom; Whilst thou prepar’st the column’s base To rear thy palace, heedless of thy tomb! — EDIT.

    ft13.The following is Warton’s translation of this quotation from Virgil: — The good Aeneas am I call’d; my fame, And brave exploits, have reach’d the starry frame — EDIT.

    ft14.This part of Mr. Wesley’s Journal was not transcribed and published by himself, but by those persons who had access to his papers after his decease. They apologize for the imperfect form in which it appears, by saying, at the conclusion, “We are not sure that Mr. Wesley carried on his Journal any farther; but if any more of it should be found, it will be published in due time. There are unavoidable chasms in this Journal, owing to some parts being mislaid; and it is probable that many of the proper names of persons and places are not properly spelled; as the whole of the manuscript was so ill written as to be scarcely legible.” It should also be stated, that this part of the Journal contains some passages which it is probable Mr. Wesley would never have committed to the press, and for the publication of which he should not be made responsible. —EDIT.

    ft15.Here are deposited the remains ofWILLIAM BEDEL, formerly Bishop of Kilmore. —EDIT.

    ft16.For a translation of these lines see p. 311 of this volume. —EDIT.

    ft17.This quotation from Juvenal is thus translated by Gifford: — Now all the evils of long peace are ours; Luxury, more terrible than hostile powers. — EDIT.

    ft18.“Above a year and a half after making this Will, Mr. Wesley executed a Deed, in which he appointed seven gentlemen, viz., Dr. Thomas Coke, Messrs. Alexander Mather, Peard Dickenson, John Valton, James Rogers, Joseph Taylor, and Adam Clarke, Trustees for all his books, pamphlets, and copyrights, for carrying on the work of God by Itinerant Preachers, according to the Deed of Declaration enrolled in the High Court of Chancery: But Dr. Coke being in America at the time of Mr. Wesley’s death, the Deed was suffered to lie dormant till his return. The three Executors then took the advice of two of the most eminent Counselors in the kingdom, who informed them, that the Deed was of a testamentary nature, and therefore superseded the Will, with respect to the books, etc. The Deed was then presented to the Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, who received it as the third Codicil of Mr. Wesley’s Will; on which the three Executors delivered up their general Probate, and received a new one, limited to those particulars which were not mentioned in the Deed. At the same time a Probate was granted by the Court to the seven Trustees, constituting them Executors for all the books, pamphlets, and copyrights, of which Mr. Wesley died possessed; and empowering them to pay all his debts and legacies.” —EDIT.


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