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    by John Wesley



  • 4 Letters to his Father
  • 7 Letters to his Mother
  • 13 Letters to his Brother Samuel To a Friend
  • 2 Letters to Mr. Oglethorpe To Mr. Hutcheson To Mr. Vernon To Mr.覧, of Lincoln College To Mrs. Chapman
  • 3 Letters to the Rev. William Law To Count Zinzendorf, at Marienborn To the Church at Hernhuth To the Bishop of Bristol
  • 6 Letters to Mr. John Smith
  • 66 Letters to his Brother Charles
  • 3 Letters to the Rev. George Whitefield To the Rev. James Hervey
  • 3 Letters to the Rev. John Fletcher
  • 39 Letters to Mr. Ebenezer Blackwell To certain Proprietors of East-India Stock
  • 4 Letters to Mr. John Downes
  • 23 Letters to Miss Furly, afterwards Mrs. Downes To Dr. Robertson
  • 9 Letters to Mrs. Sarah Ryan
  • 3 Letters to Mr. Joseph Cownley
  • 2 Letters to Miss覧 To Miss H覧 To 覧
  • 2 Letters to 覧 To Miss Elizabeth Hardy To Lady 覧 To Mr. Hosmer To Mr. Alexander Coates To Mrs. S. F. To Lord 覧 To the Rev. Mr. H覧 To the Rev. Mr. Plenderlieth To Mr. S., at Armagh To 覧
  • 2 Letters to Mr. John Trembath To Mr. Jonathan Maskew To Mr. Knox To Mrs. Maitland To Mr. Hart To Miss T覧 To Miss L末 To the Rev. Mr. G覧 To the Rev. Mr. D蘭 To Mrs. R覧 To Mr. 覧 To the Society at Monyash, Derbyshire To the Rev. Mr. Wanley, Dean of Ripon To Mary Yeoman, of Mousehole, Cornwall
  • 7 Letters to Mr. Merryweather, of Yarm Two Letters to Mrs. Emma Moon, Yarm
  • 37 Letters to a Member of the Society
  • 33 Letters to Mr. Christopher Hopper To Mr. Thomas Carlill
  • 15 Letters to Mr. Thomas Rankin
  • 2 Letters to Mr. James Dempster To Mr. John King
  • 3 Letters to Mr. John King To Mrs. A. F.
  • 18 Letters to Lady Maxwell
  • 8 Letters to Mrs. Crosby
  • 7 Letters to Miss A覧 To Lady M覧
  • 4 Letters to Miss Pywell To the Rev. Mr. F覧 To the Rev. Mr. 覧 To Lady 覧
  • 32 Letters to Miss Jane Hilton, afterwards Mrs. Barton, of Beverley To the Stewards of the Foundry
  • 27 Letters to Mrs. Bennis, of Limeric
  • 19 Letters to Miss Bosanquet, afterwards Mrs. Fletcher
  • 36 Letters to Mr. Joseph Benson To Mrs. Benson
  • 14 Letters to Mr. Walter Churchey, of Brecon
  • 19 Letters to a Young Disciple
  • 10 Letters to Mr. John Mason To 覧
  • 2 Letters to Mr. Henry Eames, after his Emigration to America To Mr. George Shadford To Miss Ball, of High-Wycomb To Mr. Alexander Hume, Peeltown, Isle of Man
  • 2 Letters to the Rev. Peard Dickinson To Mr. Charles Perronet To Miss Perronet
  • 4 Letters to Miss Briggs To Lady Huntingdon To the Rev. Dean D覧. To the Assistant Preachers To the Members and Friends of the Methodist Societies
  • 6 Letters to Mr. Richard Tompson
  • 4 Letters to Samuel Sparrow, Esq.
  • 14 Letters to Miss Bolton
  • 6 Letters to Mr. John Valton
  • 6 Letters to Mr. Francis Wolfe To Miss Fuller To Miss H
  • 6 Letters to Mrs. Marston, of Worcester
  • 7 Letters to Mrs. Mary Savage, of Worcester
  • 15 Letters to Mr. Samuel Bardsley To Miss Newman To Mr. Jonathan Brown To Mr. Thomas Funnell To Mr. William Ferguson, of Hoxton To Mrs. Ferguson To the Rev. Mr. Davenport
  • 3 Letters to Mrs. Rebecca Gains To the Commanding Officer in Lowestoft
  • 2 Letters to Mr. Richard Rodda To Richard Davenport, Esq. To Mr. Samuel Wells
  • 5 Letters to Mr. Gidley, Officer of Excise
  • 9 Letters to Miss Mary Stokes
  • 2 Letters to Mr. James Bogie To Mr. John Watson To Mr. George Flamank, Officer of Excise, in Plymouth To Mr. Abraham Orchard, of Bath To Mr. Isaac Brown To Mrs. Mullis, of Hackney To Mr. Richard Bunt, Bideford, Devon To Mr. William Mears, Chatham
  • 5 Letters to Mr. Jasper Winscom
  • 2 Letters to Mr. Abraham Brames, Brompton
  • 4 Letters to Mr. John Ogilvi
  • Notes
  • Publishers Notes


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