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    Eighteen Letters to Robert Carr Brackenbury, Esq., of Raithby, Lincolnshire.

    Twenty Letters to Mr. Zechariah Yewdall.

    Sixteen Letters to Miss Bishop.

    Four Letters to Mr. John Baxendale, of Wigan.

    To 覧.

    Three Letters to Miss Frances Godfrey, of Gainsborough.

    Seven Letters to the Rev. Walter Sellon.

    Four Letters to Miss D. Perronet.

    Four Letters to Miss J. C. M..

    Twenty-two Letters to Miss Ritchie, afterwards Mrs. Mortimer.

    To Mr. Robert Marsden, Sheffield.

    To Mr. C Glascott, Jesus College, Oxon.

    To Mr. (afterwards Dr.) John Whitehead.

    To Miss C覧, Armagh. To Mrs. Knapp, Worcester.

    Seven Letters to the Rev. Freeborn Garrettson, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in America.

    To the Rev. Francis Asbury.

    Fifteen Letters to Miss Hester Ann Roe, afterwards Mrs. Rogers.

    Ten Letters to Miss Patty Chapman.

    Two Letters to Mr. William Simpson.

    Two Letters to Mr. Robert Hopkins.

    To E. B..

    To Mr. Alexander.

    Eight Letters to Miss Cooke, afterwards Mrs. Clarke.

    Eleven Letters to Mr. Adam Clarke, afterwards Dr. Adam Clarke.

    Thirteen Letters to Miss Jane Bisson, afterwards Mrs. Cock, of St. Helier痴, Jersey.

    To Mr. William Percival, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    Six Letters to Mr. George Holder.

    Three Letters to Miss Harriet Lewis, of Dudley.

    To Miss Rachel Jones, of Barton-le-Willows, near York.

    Two Letters to Mrs. Ingram, of Limerick.

    Three Letters to Miss Rebecca Ingram. To Mr. Charles Atmore.

    To Mr. James M奪onald.

    To Mr. Edward Lewly, Birmingham.

    To Mr. Thomas Broadbent.

    Three Letters to Miss Elizabeth Baker, afterwards Mrs. Jordan, of Monmouth.

    To Mr. George Sykes.

    To Mr. Benjamin Rhodes, Redruth.

    To Mr.覧.

    Five Letters to Mr. Samuel Bradburn.

    To Miss Sophia Cook, afterwards Mrs. Bradburn.

    Eight Letters to Miss Loxdale.

    To Mr. C覧.

    Two Letters to the Rev. Mr. L覧.

    Two Letters to Mr. Theophilus Lessey.

    To Mr. John Stretton, in Harbor-Grace, Newfoundland.

    To Mr. George Blackall, of Brentford.

    To Mr. John Bausell.

    To Mr. Victory Purdy, of Bristol. To Mr.覧.

    To Mr.覧.

    To Bishop Lowth.

    To the Bishop of 覧.

    To the Bishop of 覧.

    To the Bishop of 覧.

    To Sir Harry Trelawney.

    To Mr.覧.

    To Mr.覧.

    To Lady覧.

    To Lord 覧.

    To a Member of Parliament.

    To the Rev. E. C., of Philadelphia.

    To a Friend.

    To Mr. John Booth.

    To Mr. York, of Stourport.


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