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    NOTES - 2 KINGS 15

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    XV The reign of Azariah, ver. 1-7. Of Zachariah, ver. 8-12. Of Shallum, ver. 13-15. Of Menahem, ver. 16-22. Of Pekahiah, ver. 23-26. Of Pekah, ver. 27-31. Of Jotham, ver. 32-38.

    Verse 1. To reign - Solely and fully to exercise his regal power.

    Verse 5. A leper - The cause whereof see 2 Chron. xxvi, 16.

    Verse 8. Six months - After the throne had been vacant several years, thro' the dissentions that were in the kingdom.

    Verse 13. Full moon - That dominion seldom lasts long, which is founded in blood and falsehood.

    Verse 30. Twentieth year - The meaning is, that he began his reign in the twentieth year after the beginning of Jotham's reign; or, which is the same thing, in the fourth year of Ahaz, son of Jotham.

    Verse 33. To reign - Alone: for he had reigned before this, as his father's deputy.

    Verse 35. Gate - Not of the temple, but of one of the courts of the temple, probably that which led to the king's palace.


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