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    IX Outward things come to good and bad men alike, ver. 1-3. Death puts an end to all, ver. 4-6. Therefore enjoy the comforts and mind the business of life while it lasts, ver. 7-10. God's providence dispenses all things, ver. 11,

    12. Wisdom often makes men very useful, and yet gains them little respect, ver. 13-18.

    Verse 1. Their works - All events which befall them are governed by his providence, and therefore although we cannot fully understand the reasons of all, yet we may be assured they are done righteously. No man - No man can judge by their present outward condition, whether God loves or hates them; for whom he loves he chastens, and permits those whom he hates to prosper in the world.

    Verse 2. All things - The good and evil things of the world equally happen to good and bad men.

    Verse 3. An evil - A great trouble to a good man. Is full - Of wickedness. Madness - They go on madly and desperately in evil courses. They go - After all, they die in the same manner as the best men do.

    Verse 4. Joined - That continues with living men. Hope - He hath not only some comfort for the present, but also hopes of further happiness in this world. Better - Much happier as to the comforts of this world.

    Verse 5. Die - Whereby they are taught to improve life. Any thing - Of the actions and events of this world. Reward - The fruit of their labours in this world, are utterly lost as to them. Forgotten - Even in those places where they had lived in great power and glory.

    Verse 6. Also - They neither love, nor hate, nor envy any thing in this world, but are unconcerned in what is done under the sun.

    Verse 7. Go - Make this use of what I have said. Eat - Chearfully and thankfully enjoy thy comforts. Accepteth - Allows thee a comfortable enjoyment of his blessings.

    Verse 8. White - The eastern people of the best sort, used white garments, especially in times of rejoicing. Ointment - Which upon joyful occasions was poured upon mens heads.

    Verse 9. Vanity - Of this vain and frail life.

    Verse 10. Whatsoever - Whatever thou hast opportunity and ability to do, do it with unwearied diligence, and vigour and expedition. For - Thou canst neither design nor act any thing there tending to thy own comfort or advantage.

    Verse 11. But time - There are times or seasons, casual to men, but known by God, in which alone he will give men success.

    Verse 12. His time - The time of his death, or other distress which God is bringing upon him. Are taken - While they are sporting and feeding themselves. When - When they are most careless and secure.

    Verse 13. This wisdom - I have observed this among many other instances of wisdom. Which he adds for the commendation of wisdom, notwithstanding its insufficiency for man's happiness without God's blessing.

    Verse 15. Yet - He was soon neglected and his great service forgotten.

    Verse 17. Of wise men - Though poor. In quiet - Uttered with a modest and low voice. The cry - The clamourous discourses of a rich and potent, but foolish man.


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