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    XXII A catalogue of the sins of Jerusalem, ver. 1-12. Punishment threatened, ver. 13-16. They are condemned as dross to the fire, ver. 17-22. All orders of men having contributed to the national guilt, must share in the punishment of it, ver. 23-31.

    Verse 2. Judge - The question is doubled, to awaken the prophet more fully, and to quicken him to his work.

    Verse 3. Her time - The time of ripeness in her sins, and of execution of judgments on her. To defile - For this does more defile them, and provoke God to wrath against them.

    Verse 4. Thy days - The days of thy sorrows, and punishment. Art come - Thou art grown up to the eldest years in sin, beyond which thou art not to go.

    Verse 5. Much vexed - Afflicted, impoverished, and ruined.

    Verse 6. Every one - Not one to be found of a more merciful temper. To their power - According to their ability.

    Verse 7. In thee - In Jerusalem.

    Verse 8. Thou - O Jerusalem. Mine holy things - All mine institutions, temple, sacrifices, feasts.

    Verse 9. Carry tales - Informers, or persons that for money, give in false witness against the innocent. They eat - Offer sacrifice on the mountains and feast there, in honour of their idols.

    Verse 10. Discovered - Defiled their fathers bed.

    Verse 13. Smitten mine hand - In testimony of my abhorrence.

    Verse 14. Endure - Withstand the evils that are coming, or bear them when come.

    Verse 16. In thyself - Whereas I was thine inheritance so long as thou wert a holy, obedient people; now be an inheritance to thyself, if thou canst.

    Verse 18. Dross - Utterly degenerate, and base metal. The furnace - The afflictions I have laid upon them have not bettered them. The dross - While they loved mercy, did justly, walked humbly with their God, they were as silver; now they are but dross.

    Verse 19. Gather you - From all parts. I will, by a secret over-ruling providence, bring you into Jerusalem, as into a furnace, where you may be consumed.

    Verse 23. Her - The land of Israel. Not cleansed - Though God's judgments have been as violent floods; and as hottest fires. Nor rained upon - Yet neither thy filth hath been carried away, nor thy dross melted out of thee. Therefore thou shalt be deprived of the rain, that should cool thy thirsty land.

    Verse 25. A conspiracy - A contrivance, to speak all alike, smooth words, and give out promises of peace and safety. Thereof - Of the land. The treasure - As a reward of their lies. Made her - By persuading Zedekiah to hold out the war, which filled Jerusalem with dead husbands, and forlorn widows.

    Verse 26. My holy things - Sacrifices, and oblations. Put no difference - Neither have they in their practice, differenced holy and profane, nor in their teaching acquainted the people with the difference, nor in the exercise of their authority, separated the profane from the holy, either persons, or things. Hid their eyes - Despised, and would not see the holiness of the sabbaths. Profaned - Contemned, dishonoured, disobeyed.

    Verse 27. Destroy souls - Ruin families; cutting off the fathers, and impoverishing the widow, and fatherless.

    Verse 28. Daubed them - Flattered them, in their ways of sin. Untempered mortar - With promises that like ill-tempered mortar, will deceive them, though all seems at present smooth and safe.

    Verse 30. I sought - God speaks after the manner of men. A man - Any one, among princes, prophets, priests, or people, to repair the breach. And stand - Interpose between a sinful people, and their offended God, and intreat for mercy. But - All were corrupted.


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