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    XXXIII The duty of a spiritual watchman, ver. 1-9. A declaration of the safety of penitents, and the destruction of apostates, ver. 10- 20. A message to those who flattered themselves with hopes of safety, tho' they repented not, ver. 21-29. A reproof of those who approved the word of God, but did not practice it, ver. 30-33.

    Verse 6. Is taken away - Punished by the Lord for his sin.

    Verse 10. Our sins - The unpardoned guilt, and the unsupportable punishment of our sins, in the wasting of our country, burning our city, abolishing the publick worship of God; we shall pine away, 'tis too late to hope. How - How can it be better with us?

    Verse 21. Smitten - Taken and plundered.

    Verse 22. Opened my mouth - Not that the prophet was utterly dumb before, for he had prophesied against many nations, only he was forbidden to say anything of the Jews, But now the spirit moved him to speak, and continued his motion, 'till the messenger came, and ever after.

    Verse 24. They - Who were left behind, now come out of their holes, or returned from neighbouring countries, or permitted by the conqueror to stay and plant vineyards. Wastes - Places once fruitful and abounding with people, but now, made a desolate wilderness. He inherited - Our father had a right to all this land, when but one; we his children though diminished, are many, and the divine goodness will surely continue to us both right and possession. Is given - It was given by promise to us, the seed, as well as to our progenitor; nay more, 'tis given us in possession, whereas Abraham had not one foot of it.

    Verse 26. Ye stand - You trust to your sword; you do all with violence. Abominations - Idolatry.

    Verse 30. The children - Captives in Babylon.

    Verse 31. They come - As if they were really the people of God. They sit - So we find the elders of Judah, chap. viii, 1, so the disciples of the rabbis sat at their feet.


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