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    XLVI The overthrow of Pharaoh's army, ver. 1-12. The conquest of Egypt by Nebuchadrezzar, ver. 13-26. God's people comforted, ver. 27, 28.

    Verse 1. The word - This verse contains the title of all the ensuing discourses; for, tho' there be some verses in these chapters that relate to the Jews, yet they are all concerning their restoration. The prophecies of judgments from the beginning of this chapter to the fifty-second, are all against foreign nations, which are called Gentiles.

    Verse 4. Brigandines - Coats of mail.

    Verse 6. Let not the swift - It is in vain for the swift to flee away, the mighty men shall not escape, but they shall stumble and fall at Carchemish, which was near the river Euphrates, and northward from Egypt.

    Verse 9. And the Lydians - They were all auxiliaries to the Egyptians in this expedition.

    Verse 10. Made drunk - These phrases only metaphorically signify, the great slaughter God would make that day amongst the Egyptians.

    Verse 12. Stumbled - Stumbling one upon another, so that both those that went before, and those who followed after, should fall together.

    Verse 14. Declare - Publish this over all the land of Egypt.

    Verse 17. Pharaoh - Hath made a great noise, but it cometh to nothing. Passed - That is, he hath passed the time himself fixed when he would cone, and fight the Chaldeans.

    Verse 18. Surely - He shall as certainly come and encompass you with his armies, as Tabor is encompassed with mountains, and as Carmel is by the sea.

    Verse 20. A serpent - Egypt is now like an heifer that makes a great bellowing, but the time shall come when she shall make a lesser noise like the hissing of a serpent. With axes - For the Chaldeans shall come with an army, armed with battle-axes, as if they came to fell wood in a forest.

    Verse 23. Tho' - Tho' it seem impenetrable.


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