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    Jeremiah 7 - Jeremiah 9 >> - HELP - FB - TWITTER - GR VIDEOS - GR FORUMS - GR YOUTUBE    

    VIII The calamity of the Jews, both dead and alive, ver. 1-3. Their brutish impenitency, ver. 4-7. Their vain boast of wisdom: their covetousness, security, impudence, ver. 8-12. Their grievous judgments, ver. 13-17. Bewailed by the prophet, ver. 18-22.

    Verse 1. The bones - This denotes the utter desolation of the city, not only rasing the walls, but turning up the very sepulchres which were accounted sacred, and not to be violated.

    Verse 4. Not arise - Will they never think of rising again? Not return - Will he wander for ever?

    Verse 5. Deceit - Their false prophets, encouraging themselves in their wickedness, and pleasing themselves, that their miseries should not come upon them.

    Verse 6. I - God.

    Verse 7. Appointed time - The seasons of her going and coming. The judgment - God's vengeance, hovering over Jerusalem, and Judea.

    Verse 8. How - These things considered where is your wisdom? He speaks to the whole body of the people. The Lord - This may have a more special eye to the priests. In vain - For any use they made of it; neither need it ever have been copied out by the scribe. A scribe was a teacher, one well versed in the scripture, or esteemed to be so.

    Verse 13. Pass away - Shall be taken away by their enemies.

    Verse 14. Why - The people at length seem to bethink themselves, and thus to bespeak each other. Silent - Keep close within our walls.

    Verse 16. The snorting - The fury of the Chaldeans march is described by the snorting of their horses, which is a noise they make through their nostrils. Heard - Even to Jerusalem. Have devoured - It is spoken in a prophetical style, who use to express the certainty of what shall be, as if it actually were already.

    Verse 17. Shall bite - There will be no appeasing their fury by any method.

    Verse 18. Sorrow - The prophet now seems to speak, how greatly the calamity of this people affected him.

    Verse 19. Why - As if God should seem to reply; let them not think it strange, seeing they have turned their backs upon me, and trusted to idols.

    Verse 21. Am I hurt - The prophet here shews how deeply he is affected with the peoples misery. Black - I am as those that are clad in deep mourning.


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