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    NOTES - JOB 29

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    XXIX Job, after pausing a little while, shews, what comfort he formerly had in his house and family, ver. 1-6. What honour and power he had in his country, ver. 7-10. What good he did as a magistrate, ver. 11-17. And what a prospect he had of the continuance of his prosperity, ver. 18-25

    Verse 2. Preserved - From all those miseries which now I feel.

    Verse 3. Darkness - I passed safely through many difficulties, and dangers, and common calamities.

    Verse 7. Seat - When I caused the seat of justice to be set for me. By this, and several other expressions, it appears that Job was a magistrate. Street - In that open place, near the gate, where the people assembled for the administration of justice.

    Verse 10. Cleaved - It lay as still as if he had done so.

    Verse 11. Witness - Gave testimony to my pious, and just, and blameless conversation.

    Verse 14. Put on, &c. - Perhaps he did not wear these: but his steady justice was to him instead of all those ornaments.

    Verse 18. Multiply - See how apt even good men are, to set death at a distance from them!

    Verse 20. Glory - My reputation was growing every day. Bow - My strength which is signified by a bow, Gen. xlix, 24; 1 Sam. ii, 4, because in ancient times the bow and arrows were the principal instruments of war.

    Verse 22. Dropped - As the rain, which when it comes down gently upon the earth, is most acceptable and beneficial to it.

    Verse 24. Laughed - Carried myself so familiarly with them, that they could scarce believe their eyes and ears. Cast not down - They were cautious not to give me any occasion to change my countenance towards them.

    Verse 25. I chose - They sought to me for advice in all difficult cases, and I directed them what methods they should take. Sat - As a prince or judge, while they stood waiting for my counsel. A king - Whose presence puts life, and courage, into the whole army. As one - As I was ready to comfort any afflicted persons, so my consolations were always welcome to them.


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