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    IV An exhortation to the study of wisdom, is forced by various arguments, ver. 1-13. A caution against bad company, ver. 14-19. Directions for the attaining and keeping of wisdom, ver. 20-27.

    Verse 1. A father - Of me, who have paternal authority over you and affection for you.

    Verse 3. Tender - Young and tender in years, and tenderly educated. Only beloved - Beloved above all the rest.

    Verse 4. Said - The following verses, at least as far as the tenth verse, are the words of David.

    Verse 7. With all - Even with the price of all.

    Verse 8. Exalt - Let her have thine highest esteem and affection.

    Verse 9. Grace - A beautiful ornament, such as they used to put upon their heads.

    Verse 16. For - They cannot sleep with quietness.

    Verse 17. For - Wickedness is as pleasant to them as their bread.

    Verse 18. But - Just men daily grow in knowledge, and grace, and consolation, 'till all be perfected and swallowed up in glory.

    Verse 19. Darkness - Full of ignorance and error, of uncertainty and confusion, of danger and misery.

    Verse 23. Heart - Thy thoughts, will, and affections. For - From thence proceed all the actions, as of the natural, so of the spiritual life, which lead to eternal life.

    Verse 24. Mouth - All sorts of sinful words.

    Verse 25. Right on - Direct all thine actions to a right end, and keep thy mind fixed upon that way which leads to it, and neither look or turn aside to the right-hand or the left.

    Verse 26. Ponder - Consider thine actions before thou dost them, and see that they agree with the rule. And - Let thine actions be uniformly and constantly good in spite of all temptations.


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