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    NOTES - PSALMS 122

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    PS 122 This psalm seems to have been wrote for the use of the people, when they came to Jerusalem at the three solemn feasts. David here shews the joy with which they were to go up to Jerusalem, ver. 1, 2. The esteem they were to have of it, ver. 3-5. The prayers they were to make for its welfare, ver, 6-9. A song of degrees of David.

    Verse 4. The tribes - Whom God has chosen to be his people. Unto - Unto the ark, called the testimony, because of the tables of the covenant laid up in it, which are called God's testimony, and the tables of the testimony. And this is called the testimony of, or to Israel, because it was given by God to them. Give thanks - To worship God; this one eminent part thereof being put for all the rest.

    Verse 5. Judgment - The supreme courts of justice for ecclesiastical and civil affairs. Thrones - The royal throne allotted by God to David and to his posterity, and the inferior seats of justice under his authority.


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