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    PS 95 The author of this psalm was David, as is affirmed, Heb. iv, 7. It has a special reference to the days of the Messiah; as it is understood by the apostle, Heb. iii, 7, &c. and Heb. iv, 3-9. Herein we are called upon, to praise God, as a great and gracious God, ver. 1-7. To hear God's voice, and not harden our hearts, lest we fall as the Israelites did, ver. 8-11.

    Verse 3. God's - Above all that are called God's angels, earthly potentates, and especially the false gods of the Heathen.

    Verse 4. Hand - Under his government. Strength - The strongest or highest mountains.

    Verse 7. Pasture - Whom he feeds and keeps in his own pasture, or in the land which he hath appropriated to himself. The sheep - Which are under his special care. Today - Forthwith or presently.

    Verse 8. Harden not - By obstinate unbelief. Provocation - In that bold and wicked contest with God in the wilderness. Temptation - In the day in which you tempted me.

    Verse 9. Works - Both of mercy, and of justice.

    Verse 10. Do err - Their hearts are insincere and bent to backsliding. Not known - After all my teaching and discoveries of myself to them; they did not know, nor consider, those great things which I had wrought for them.

    Verse 11. My rest - Into the promised land, which is called the rest, Deut. xii, 9.


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