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    Have you ever wondered why modern movies show ancient creatures, such as dinosaurs, dragons(Godzilla) and giants? In the movies, the creatures always find their way into the earth and either ravage or live peacefully with humans. Often, we use such movies for entertainment. But we don't think carefully about what we're being told. Is there a possibility that these creatures lived and shared spaces with humans thousands of years ago? This might be hard to believe, but we can take our time and reflect on the facts side of the moves to understand the reality of the earth. Next time you watch such movies and shows, at least try to give them keen attention, and you'll learn a thing or two.

    Some scientists even say there could be an ancient planet inside the earth. This is easy to dismiss as a myth or something modern scientists would make up to gain attention. For instance, this claim was made by Harvard scientists, and they made illustrations that revealed some tunnels inside the earth. You might ask them why such chambers are present, but their answer would be, because there's an ancient planet on the earth. It's interesting how humans can know what happened billions of years ago but can't track what happened around one thousand years back. Maybe some creatures lived on the ancient planet, and they used these chambers.

    It's even more intriguing when the same scientists make a statement that somehow, an ancient planet collided with the earth to create the moon. They explain this using an isotopic ratio, which could be evidence that this is something that really happened. Unless you're a part of the team of scientists, this whole thing might make you scratch your head even more. If you search the internet, you'll find loads of scientific articles talking about exciting claims, but their explanations are never straight to the point. Therefore, it's hard to make a conclusive statement from such claims, let's hope they know what they're doing.

    You may also have come across ancient stories from the Chinese, Indians, and California stating that many years ago, people lived underneath the ground. These ancient stories always share some things in common. They try to show us how civilization happened and the way we got where we're today. Now, what if these stories are true? Maybe some people actually lived below the ground. These stories are so common that they might hold some truth. The stories even talk about giants. What if the giants really existed but then became extinct for some reason?

    According to some scientists, the core of the earth of super-hot. However, some people believe it's a star. Isaac Newton, one of the most renound scientists, also said that there were three concentric circles in the center of the was 100 or 200 years ago. He attached this to the magnetic field coming from the inside of the earth. If we can believe any of that, then the giants and other creatures living in caves within the earth could be true. The giants were so tall that modern human beings could only measure up to their knees. It's easy to wonder why the books claim they always lived in caves. Were they trying to get into the underworld?

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