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  • Karma Hits Back - Attack On Johnny Depp
    Hilariously Backfires When
    Amber's Team Tries New Strategy


    After filing for a divorce in May 2016, Amber Heard now claims that Johnny Depp physically abused her during their marriage. According to Amber, Depp mostly abused her when he was under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Their case has been going on for some time now, through which people have witnessed or heard hilarious twists and turns. The verdict is yet to be issued, but it looks like Johnny Depp has a higher hand in this case. Up to now, it's not clear who will smile home when it's all said and done.

    Johnny Depp Being Hilarious in Court! (Part 3)

    It's hard to argue in a court of law when it's clear that the lawyers are going to object to every single thing you say. But Johnny Depp has learned of that fact and is, therefore, making everyone laugh. This, to fans, is a creative way to show that the system might be unfair at times. So Johnny Depp, whenever given a chance to say something, mentions a few words and pauses a few seconds just in case a lawyer says hearsay like they've been doing. It's so hilarious how he uses his facial expressions to show that somewhat, he's enjoying what's going on in the courtroom.

    Johnny Depp attorney OUTRAGED: Amber Heard is the abuser, scammed him out of $7M

    From a certain picture that emerged during the case, it seems like Amber is the abuser. In the picture, Johnny Depp seems to have some bruises on the lower side of his left eye and around the chin. People have started to say a lot about this photo. Also, during the hearing, Johnny Depp mentions that the tip of his finger disappeared in Australia, and they were with Amber at that time. Some fans feel that he didn't want to say he was abused because the lawyers would just shout hearsay or even objection. According to Depp's lawyers, Amber made all the defamatory statements. She even filed a false restraining order alleging abuse, thereby scamming Depp out of $7M.

    Amber Heard faked blood in nose with nail polish

    During their relationship with his ex-wife, Johnny Depp did not have a voice. Though they had several arguments, the thing would only get worse if he tried to make a point. At one point, when they had a fight, Depp told the jury that Amber used nail polish to fake blood on the nose. She wanted people to believe that Depp had broken her nose. In reality, Johnny Depp never laid a finger on her. This only indicates that the relationship gave Depp a hard time, though he tried to make things work.

    Johnny Depp's psychologist interrupted every 5 seconds

    It can be hard to argue in the courtroom or even to make a point when all you can get is a consistent interruption. That's what Johnny Depp's psychologist goes through during the hearing. She goes through a heard to make the jury understand what she has to say about her client. While things are currently flowing on Depp's side, this case is going to take some time to wrap up, especially when the hearing can't flow seamlessly.

    Johnny Depp Being Hilarious in Court!

    Johnny Depp knows how to carry himself in the courtroom. At first, he seemed to stressed out. However, on learning that fans are on his side, he gained confidence and is handling the jabs like a pro. At some point, he is asked a question, and he acts like he didn't hear it. Most of the time, whenever Johnny Depp tries to make a point, no matter how obvious it might be, one of Amber's lawyers stands up and says hearsay. He keeps objecting to his every point, but Johnny Depp keeps acting fine and tries to speak anyway. However, he starts to speak slowly and stops after every few words so that the lawyers can keep objecting to him.

    Johnny Depp's psychologist interrupted every 5 seconds

    Why does it matter that Johnny Depp had dinner with his psychologist? But the lawyers keep interrupting her with questions, and she finds it hard to speak to them. They even kept repeating one question, even if she had answered it the first time. It's obvious that there's an answer they're looking for, and to get that, they keep framing the questions.

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