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  • Is The "3 Days of Darkness" Prophecy Almost
    Upon Us? Something Very Creepy About This


    While Pope Francis is known for many things, such as being a catholic figurehead, there's one more thing you can add to that list. Today, it's safe to state that Pope Francis is a huge fan of Megalovinia, which is a famous song. Not so long ago, the undertale's Magalovonia was played in front of the pope, and he enjoyed every second of the moment. There's a YouTube video showing the pope and other individuals attending the Paul VI General Audience Hall in the Vatican Hall to witness the live performance.


    The Vatican City might famous for many things, such as suspicious statues, and structures, but you need to see the Pope's Audience Hall. It's designed to resemble a snake. The structures was completed in 1971 and only partially sits on the boundary of the state. It was later named Paul VI General Audience. The name originated from Pope Paul the sixth. While being decent, sources claim that he used to cover up the abuse the young boys used to go through in the hands of the members of the catholic clergy.

    Vatican II Is a New Religion

    The Vatican II made some significant changes in the liturgical practices of the Roman Rite. For instance, they united with what many refer to as pagan religions. This move did not sit right with many Catholics, and some of them looked for exits. Vatican II is also a new religion because it doesn't restrict Catholics from taking part in religious rites of other non-Catholics. While it's great to let people live and interact freely, these are not what the ancient Catholics believed in. Therefore, it's conclusive that Vatican II is a new religion.

    ViganĂ² Says Francis Is A "Non-Catholic Pope"

    According to Vigano Francis, it's imperative to only be faithful and obedient to those who're lawfully ordained and sent by the Bishops. These should also be people who live by the doctrine of the church. Otherwise, people who don't meet these standards should be seen as enemies of the church. This could apply to Francis due to the controversies around him. He has made moves that do not reflect what a true Pope should do, and that makes Catholics question his legitimacy.

    The Antichrist's Distinguishing Mark

    It's clear that Pope John Paul II focused on teaching Catholics to believe in themselves, that they're the only true way to salvation. He substituted Jesus Christ for men, which is a distinguishing mark of the antichrist. Believers in Jesus Christ stated that if the situation was not saved, Rome would lose faith and become the seat of the antichrist.

    Prophecy of the Popes

    The prophecy of popes was documented circa 1595 and was put in place to predict the future popes, and their impact on the Catholic church. Since the Catholic church has no significant stance, some of the prophecies never came to pass, bad a good number of them were accurate. Pope Francis, for instance, could fall under the category of anti-popes due to the stance he takes. Also, it can be argued that his behaviors are affected by the current status quo, such as social media, and communication technology in general.

    John Paul II Kissing the Koran

    A lot has been said about the evolution of the Catholic church, especially during John Paull II reign. At some point, he kissed the Koran, which sent the message that he's comfortable with non-Catholics, to the extent of taking part in their rituals. Kissing Koran means he kind of endorsed it, which is not what traditional Catholics would expect from their pope. This might have a close relationship with The Real Third Secret, as put forth by Father Alonso. During this time, there'll be a loss of faith. People will struggle to find it, but they won't manage, at least for some time.

    Padre Pio, The Satan

    If misleading teachings continue to spread, at some point, Padre Pio, the Satan, will come to rule a false church. People will lose their way, which would be the start of the end. Padre Pio will pave the way for the end of the Holy Roman Catholic. The Ruthless judge will then come, and everything will be put where it belongs. Considering the pace at which things are falling apart, the Revelation days are near, and Satan is already introduced to a false church and will soon start to rule. The judge is also ready to come and judge his people, and that's how it's going to end.

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