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  • Four Horsemen's Arrival: These 5 Events
    Are Foretold For These Last Days...


    The Bible speaks of four horsemen who will arrive before the end of the world. These horsemen are symbolic of different events that will take place. Some of these events are said to have taken place as a result of the appearance of signs that are foretold, such as blood moon and sun turning into darkness. The first horseman is a horse ridden by a rider with a spear representing war and violence. This is attributed to the events such as wars and rumors of war that have taken the world by surprise. The first horse will herald the beginning of the end times. The second horseman is a white horse ridden by a rider with a sword. This horseman represents peace and righteousness. He will help to usher in the New Age. The third horseman is a black horse ridden by a rider with a whip. This horseman represents death and destruction. He will lead the way for the Antichrist to come into power. The fourth horseman is a red horse ridden by a rider with a sickle. This horseman represents famine and disease. He will bring about the end of the world by causing widespread death.

    All of these events have already begun, and they will continue to escalate until the end of the world. So, make sure you are ready for what's coming... because it's going to be a wild ride!

    'Apocalyptic': Why experts fear a steep surge in food prices

    Have you ever heard about the apocalypse? There is a very real fear among experts that a steep surge in food prices could cause an apocalyptic-style famine. The cause of the potential food crisis is a combination of factors, including weather anomalies, political instability and conflicts in key food-producing regions. This has already been witnessed in countries such as India fulfilling the foretold events of the last days.

    Think food prices are high now? Get ready to pay even more.

    If you think food prices are high now, just wait – they're going to get even higher. Could this be unfolding of red horse ridden by a rider with a sickle? That’s the word from a number of experts, who point to a number of factors that are driving up food costs. There's the fact that we're going through a prolonged period of low crop yields around the world, which means food manufacturers have to pay higher prices for crops such as wheat, and that's passed on to us in the form of higher grocery bills.

    Hedge Funds That Brought Entire Neighborhoods Panic as Housing Market Crash Imminent

    A recent study conducted has revealed that the housing market crash of 2008 was, in part, caused by the actions of a small number of hedge funds. These funds were said to have pressured the market by betting on decreases in the value of the real estate, which in turn caused a sharp drop in prices and an overall destabilization of the market. History is about to repeat itself.


    A massive water shortage is coming, and it's time to start preparing. California is currently in the midst of a major drought, and it's only going to get worse. The rest of the country is also going to suffer from water shortages in the future. This is a serious issue, and everyone needs to start preparing for it.

    Black and Pale Horse - Four Horseman of Apocalypse:

    Do you know what the Black and Pale horses of apocalypse represent? The Black Horse is famine, and the Pale Horse is death. Together, they represent the end of the world. They are the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, bringing terrible destruction with them. It seems the horsemen are already on the move


    The opening of the sixth seal brings cosmic chaos. The sun turns black, the moon turns red, and the stars fall from the sky. This is followed by a great earthquake that splits the Earth in two. The survivors on the eastern side see the leader of the underworld coming out to lead them in a great parade of death. They are then killed by fire and brimstone raining down from the sky. The survivors on the western side see a great white throne and Jesus sitting on it. He tells them to keep serving him until he returns.


    Revelation chapter 12 is all about the woman who is pregnant with Jesus. The devil persecutes her, but God also gives her protection. The chapter also talks about the war between God and the devil and the victory of God. The woman is also given a crown of twelve stars, which symbolizes her role as the mother of Jesus.

    Blood Moons:

    Have you ever witnessed a blood moon? A blood moon is an astronomical event that occurs when a moon becomes full and red in color. This happens when the moon is positioned in such a way that the sunlight passes through the Earth's atmosphere and casts a reddish hue on the moon. Blood moons are often considered to be omens of bad luck or impending catastrophe.

    Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017, is NOT what we thought (you will be blown away at 17:00)

    The Revelation 12 sign on September 23, 2017, was not the global event that some people were expecting. Instead, it was a sign that marked the start of a time period known as the "last days. "This event was significant because it signaled the beginning of a new era in which Christians would have to face many challenges. However, even though this sign may not have been what some people were expecting, it still had a significant impact on their lives.

    China's Economic Activity Collapses Under Xi's Covid Zero Policy

    China's economic activity has collapsed in recent weeks as the country has implemented a "Covid Zero" policy in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The policy, which was announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping, requires all hospitals to report any instances of SARS-CoV infection within 24 hours.

    India isn't the only one banning food exports. These countries are doing the same.

    Several countries have been implementing bans on food exports in an effort to keep food prices low and to ensure that their citizens have access to affordable food. In India, the government has been implementing a ban on food exports for several years now. China, Russia, and Venezuela have also implemented such a ban.

    Netflix Lays off About 150 Employees amid Slowing Revenue Growth

    Netflix has announced that it is laying off about 150 employees, most of whom are in its marketing department. This move is likely in response to the company's slowing revenue growth, as it has been struggling to keep up with its competitors. This news comes just a few months after Netflix announced that it would be shedding 7% of its workforce. Its unclear how many employees will be impacted?


    A key indicator of improvement in citizens' purchasing power is the Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices. In April 2022, it showed a composite rate of 2.22 percent, up from 2.12 percent in March 2022. This was the fifth consecutive increase in the composite rate. It is proof that credit quality is improving, and consumers are becoming more confident about their ability to repay their debts.

    High diesel prices cost truckers.

    The high cost of diesel is having a major impact on the trucking industry. Truckers are struggling to cover their costs as fuel prices continue to rise. This is causing many truckers to make tough decisions about their business. In some cases, this has led to truckers quitting the industry altogether.

    Truckers Are Facing an Existential Crisis as Fuel Prices Soar

    As fuel prices continue to soar, truckers are facing an existential crisis. The high cost of fuel is making it increasingly difficult for them to earn a living, and many are finding themselves forced to abandon their careers. Such a situation has been a major driver of the current recession, and it is likely to continue to do so for some time.


    In recent years, there have been increasing concerns about the food supply and whether or not we are being intentionally starved. The proof that this is happening is all around us, and it is becoming more and more evident that our government is doing everything it can to keep us from getting the food we need.

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