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  • Elon Musk: Does God Exist,
    And Is There An Afterlife


    Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest individuals on earth, has been in the limelight recent. Using Twitter as his preferred communication medium, he made controversial statements. In recent Twitter posts, Musk has made his perspective on the existence of God and the afterlife known. Musk believes in the existence of God and the afterlife. In reply to a post he had made about him dying under mysterious circumstances, Musk appreciated the existence of heaven. He alluded that he would gladly go to hell, as a majority of humans would end up there.

    Even though Musk believes in the existence of the afterlife, he does not believe in the existence of God. He stated that he believed in the existence of God of Spinoza. The God of Spinoza doctrine holds that the material universe is an expression of God.

    Elon Musk and the future

    Elon Musk has been in the limelight recently. The news about his acquisition of Twitter has attracted a lot of attention, which he has gladly embraced. With his acquisition of Twitter, many see this as a surprising turning point for our future. Musk's history as a transformative leader and innovator stands to transform Twitter into a social space. He has been advocating for a social space where free speech is allowed. Musk will gladly make Twitter a social media platform where people will feel they can freely speak and share their perceptive within the bounds of the law. Musk, in an interview, said that permanent suspensions on Twitter should be extremely rare and reserved for accounts that are scams, bots, or spam accounts. Therefore, the future of Twitter would be a platform where people enjoy the freedom of speech with limited control by the company.

    Elon Musk takes on doubling Twitter's revenue.

    Elon Musk believes that he can massively increase Twitter's revenue. Musk demonstrated how he would double Twitter's revenue as the owner in a pitch to investors. He intends to double Twitter's revenues through subscriptions alone by driving up the Twitter Blue subscription to 69 million in 2025 and 159 million by 2028. Blue Twitter is a monthly subscription service that gives Twitter users exclusive features at $2.99 per month. Increasing the number of users by 2028 will double Twitter's revenues from the current $5 billion to $10 billion by 2028. Increasing Twitter's revenues makes Musk's takeover of the company viable and ensures that he gets the investor's support.

    Reverse Trump Twitter Ban

    Musk's Twitter ownership will come with massive changes. One of the significant changes that Musk says he will make will be reversing Twitter's ban on former United States President Donald Trump. Musk considers the decision by Twitter to ban Trump foolish and morally wrong and thinks it was a mistake. Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter in January 2021 for incitement of violence. Twitter's decision had been deemed divisive and perceived by some as a threat to free speech. Musk's reversal of Trump's permanent Twitter suspension would thus change the perception of the company's stand on free speech.

    Musk handing over of Twitter

    On 9th May, Musk controversially twitted, "If I die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowing ya." In response to the tweet, Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), a YouTube star, commended that; in case that happens, he should have Twitter, and Musk jokingly replied by saying ok. Seemingly, Mr. Beast will take over Twitter's ownership if Musk dies mysteriously as he publicly consented.

    Musk Sits Down With The Babylon Bee

    In an interview with The Babylon Bee, a Christian satire website, Elon Musk covered a wide range of topics. The topics ranged from science, religion, and sustainable energy to satire together with his background. The interview covers Musk's journey from South Africa to America and how he made millions of dollars for Tesla. Musk also discussed his complex religious background, which included going to an Anglican Sunday school and a Hebrew preschool. Musk, in the interview, acknowledges that he draws different life lessons from Christianity, especially on the teachings of Jesus. In the interview, Elon Musk admits the influence of religion in his life and success.

    Philosophy of Spinoza

    The philosophy of Spinoza is anchored on the belief that the material universe is an expression of God. The doctrine asserts that God and the world are the same and everything that happens follows the same set of natural laws and could not have happened differently. Also, in an interview with The Babylon Bee, Musk stated that he had a complex religious background that included going to an Anglican Sunday school and a Hebrew preschool, which influenced his current view of God. He affirmed his God of Spinoza's belief even as he embraced some teachings from Christianity. Elon Musk finds some of Jesus' teachings informative and wise and has embraced some of them even as he questions others.

    Pascal's wager

    Pascal's wager is an idea that is anchored on the perspective that one cannot prove or disapprove of the existence of God. In Pascal's wager, it is demonstrated that it is better to believe in the existence of God rather than to not, because it has an overall better outcome for you in all scenerios.

    Nicene Creed

    The Nicene Creed provides the basis of correct belief. It was first adopted at the First Council of Nicaea as a creed that guides mainstream Christianity. The creed has to be embraced by individuals who take responsibility in the church as they are responsible for guiding others.

    LXV. Enoch foretells to Noah the Deluge and his own Preservation.

    Noah sought the help of his grandfather Enoch to help him avert the impending destruction. The genuine cry that Noah's hand, coupled with his righteousness, made Enoch come and stand by him. Enoch hence interceded to God on behalf of Noah, who decided to forgive him due to his purity and guiltless. Hence, the Lord's Spirit forgave Noah despite making up their mind to destroy the entire earth.

    List of flood myths

    Every major ancient culture has their own story of the Great Flood. In Egypt, floods symbolised unfaithfulness and disrespect to God. In Abrahamic religion, floods signfied punishment from God. The fact there are so many details that match between all these stories or as they call them "legends" of old is proof that historically the Great Flood did indeed happen.

    Flood Legends From Around the World

    Flood legends from around the world exist. In Tanzania, Africa, a flood legend shows God saved two people who got into a ship with many seeds and animals. In China, a family was saved from the great flood. Among the Aztecs, God told Tapi, a pious man, to build about to live in. he was to take a pair of animals and his wife to live within the boat.

    The flood legends from around the world all tend to be very similar. They relate in terms of God's role in initiating the floods as a punishment for people going against his will. God saved only individuals that we pious and told them to take animals in pairs to save them for posterity.

    How Large Was the Ark?

    Noah's ark was made to fit all animals in pairs. The dimension of the ark was given inGenesis 6:15, measuring 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high. In the modern size, measures of the ark were 510 feet (155 m) long, 85 feet (26 m) wide, and 51 feet (16 m) high, which was a massive space. All pairs of animals that could not survive the flood came on board. Noah brought about 34000 spices on board.

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