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  • The Ancient Hidden Underground City
    That Was Discovered Over
    A Mile Below The Surface!


    A hidden city was been discovered underneath Los Angeles in 1934. A mining engineer, Warren Shufelt, found the city. In 1934, Shufelt told the Los Angeles Times that he had discovered an ancient civilization under L.A. Even though many people doubted his stories, he left a city map. Using different scientific methods, Shufelt discovered other shafts underground with gold in different areas. The shafts were extensive as some went up to 30 kilometers. The colossal tunnels were complicated and connected to access seawater. The ancient hidden city had been associated with the reptilian civilization and has continued to attract different theories to explain its existence.

    A 1934 map of the Secret Lizard City under Los Angeles

    The map for the Secret Lizard City under Los Angeles that was discovered by Shufelt as reported by The Los Angeles Times on January 29, 1934, was Lizard shaped. The newspaper reported that Shufelt had discovered the Secret Lizard City far underground using Native American Lore and radio x-ray. The city, when observed, turned out to be uncreatively lizard-shape design. The tunnels began in the ocean and had larger rooms in the domes of the hills that were located above the city and could house up to 1000 families. The underground city was designed to ensure that the lizard people were well accommodated and access supplies that ensured they survived the catastrophe they were escaping.

    The Serpent City Below Los Angeles

    Warren Shufelt discovered the Serpent City Below Los Angeles in 1934. Shufelt's discovery was not planned but rather something he stumbled upon as he surveyed the area for deposits of valuable materials, including gold and oil, using his new invention, the radio x-ray. Using his invention, he could locate gold and other precious materials at great depth. He stumbled on a pattern of a well-planned underground labyrinth of tunnels that fed into large rooms that were found at different points with gold with chambers and passages. Some of the tunnels ran up to 20 miles through connection to a series of tunnels to the oceans, ensuring that the tunnel system was well aerated.

    Warren Shufelt's quest to understand the history of his discovery led him to become an Indian historian. Shefult was informed about the legend of the lost civilization belonging to an advanced race of the 'Lizard people.' People, who revered snake/lizard as a simple of long life and spiritual renewal, were responsible for the tunnels. The tunnels had secrets of the lizard people stored in strategic stores. The store contained thirty-seven golden tablets that had the comprehensive history of the ancient Mayans and the origin of the human race. The legend that Shufelt was able to obtain resembled other different ancient myths. The Serpent City below Los Angeles was hence a difficult and exciting time for human civilization.


    Medusa is a famous figure in Greek mythology. She was one of the three monstrous Gorgons that were described in the myths as winged females who had living snakes in place of hair and were devilish. Medusa's diabolical powers were in her eyes and, when one gazed into them, turned into a stone. The Greek hero Perseus beheaded Medusa but retained her head, whose eyes retained the evil powers. Medusa's head only lost power when Perseus gave it to Athena, a goddess who used it to place on her shield.

    The representation of Gorgon Medusa was found at the end of the Mediterranean Sea, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. However, the ceramic image representation of Medusa was found in Gorham's Cave, which is believed to have been used as a shrine between the 8th and 2nd century B.C. The location of the shrine is known as the end of the known world. The physical and geographical location relates to the mythological slaying of Medusa by Perseus. The unique location of the cave gives credence to the existence of Medusa.

    Beyond the X-Files: Aliens, Underground Bases for the ‘Elite' and the New World Order

    The existence of an underground basis, such as the Secret Lizard City discovered in Los Angeles, has been explored. Before his controversial death in May 1995, Phil Schneider had given credence to the existence of an underground basis. In the public interview, Phil confirmed that aliens and an underground basis for the elites and their new order existed. For years, the United States government has invested in creating hundreds of underground bases that are used to create new world order by the elite. Even though the taxpayer funds the underground basis, Phil observed that it was done illegally and that congress did not account for the use of the funds. The underground bases also act as a platform where aliens interact and sometimes collaborate with men. The concept of the underground city is hence quite interesting.

    The Serpent City Below Los Angeles - Robert Sepehr

    In a video recording by Robert Sepehr, he explored the significance of snakes in ancient times. Snakes symbolized wisdom and healing, affiliated with mysteries, and were considered the guardian or messengers between the upper and lower worlds. The myths about snake people who lived underworld were popular among the Native Americans. Different tribes of Native Americans have myths subscribing to the association with subterranean inhabitants. The explanation by Sepehr thus gives credence to the basis of the Serpent City below Los Angeles.

    King James Bible (KJV) - Revelation 12

    The Bible recognizes the power of snakes. The book of Revelation 12 portrays the satan as a serpent cast out of heaven through war. The devil, in Revelation 12, is called the great dragon, which has powers and can exert control over humans and is in a constant fight with good angels.

    Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017, is NOT what we thought (you will be blown away at 17:00)

    The Revelation 12 sign on September 23, 2017, is not what we thought, as explained in the Gospel Lessons. The revelation marks the time when the plate becomes available to the world. The Gospel Lessons video interprets the crown with seven stars that the dragon wears.

    Dragon - App

    The dragon is one of the most famous mythological creatures of modern times. It was considered to be a giant serpent and is depicted uniquely in different mythologies. In most cases, the dragon is depicted as an evil deity that is interested in destruction and chaos. Apep was a dragon that was extensively covered in Egyptian mythology. Apep was known for destruction and chaos. Apep was associated with the underworld. It was believed that the sun god descended into the underworld each evening to fight with Apep to protect the people above.

    Dragons in History

    Dragons were considered the most terrible creatures whose roles were destruction and chaos in the ancient worlds. They were supposed to be fiery and flying serpents. Every society has stories about dragons that are used interchangeably with dragons in some circumstances. Dragons not only exist in ancient times but are also extensively referred to in biblical stories. The recorded history from India, China, Greek, and Ethiopia implies that dragons were creatures that existed.

    Lernaean Hydra

    Lernaean Hydra is one of the mythical creatures in Greek mythology. Hydra was one of the offspring of half woman and half-serpent Echidna and 100-headed Typhon. Hydra was a many-headed serpent whose heads, when cut off, would grow back. She stayed in swamps and devoured people and animals. Hercules was able to end the Hydra with the help of his friend Iolaus who cauterized the stumps of each head as soon as Hercules cut them off. Hercule's fame thus emerged from killing the Hydra.

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