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  • Scientists Become Terrified When
    They Discover What Lies
    Beneath This Ancient Temple!


    How much do you know about the ancient world? When a team of scientists discovered what lay beneath an ancient temple in Iraq, they were terrified. It appeared that the temple had been used to conduct dark and sinister rituals, and the scientists could only imagine the occurrences that had taken place there. This discovery made them realize just how little they knew about the ancient world.

    Nimrod, Gilgamesh, and Osiris – What really started the war in IRAQ/Uruk

    Nimrod, Gilgamesh, and Osiris – were three of the most famous and influential kings in ancient Mesopotamia. But what caused the war in IRAQ/Uruk? The answer to this question is likely complex. Still, it can be broken down into several critical factors, including the rivalry between these three kings, their interactions with other nations in the area, and a series of natural occurrences.

    Euphrates River

    Do you know that the Euphrates River is one of the longest rivers in the world, running for about 1,770 miles? It originates in Turkey and flows southwest through Syria and Iraq before emptying into the Persian Gulf. The Euphrates is a vital water source for agriculture and hydroelectric power in the region.

    2003 Gulf War Started 1 Month after Gilgamesh's Tomb Found

    Is it a coincidence that the 2003 Gulf War started 1 month after Gilgamesh's Tomb was found? Something sinister may have happened. If governments were transparent enough, they should have informed the public about everything found in the tomb. The notion that the operation was undertaken to overthrow Saddam Hussein's government and liberate the Iraqi people is a fallacy.

    SABOTEURS PART 17: On the Second Coming of Osiris/Apollo and the Science of Resurrection

    In Part 17 of the Saboteurs series, the focus is on the resurrection of Osiris/Apollo and the science behind it. The discussion begins with an overview of the Osiris myth, which tells the story of God's death and resurrection. Osiris's resurrection symbolizes the renewal of life, and his return depicts hope and salvation.

    CERN's Orion Stargate:

    Does the Orion Stargate actually exist, or is it simply a theoretical concept? For those who do not know what it is, the Stargate is a massive structure located at the CERN complex in Geneva, Switzerland. It is said to be able to allow travelers to travel to any location in the universe instantaneously.

    Rob Skiba identifies the Antichrist from Scripture and a potential Omega Plan.

    In a recent video released by Rob Skiba, he discusses the Antichrist from Scripture and a potential Omega Plan. He explains that the Antichrist is not a single person but rather a title that refers to someone or something who will oppose Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

    The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

    People adored anything believed to be the source of wisdom and knowledge in ancient Egypt. To this end, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, a set of tablets said to have been written by the ancient Egyptian God Thoth, were considered to be a source of wisdom and knowledge, and are said to contain the secrets to creating perfect spells and rituals.

    Nimrod Osiris

    Since wisdom and strength were valuable in the ancient world, individuals with such qualities were highly respected. Nimrod Osiris was considered a god-like figure by his people and was greatly revered due to his outstanding intellect. His skill as a hunter and leader with the ability to heal the sick made him famous.

    Great Pyramid Hieroglyphics

    Do you know that the marvelous pyramid hieroglyphics are some of the most detailed and complex art found on any ancient building? The said hieroglyphics can be located on the walls of the great pyramid of Giza. They are thought to have been used as a form of communication between the great pyramid builders.

    December 4 Eclipse Crowned Serpent's Tail Alignment, TwitterQuitter, OmicronSticker & Other Headlines

    December 4 is an important day for a variety of reasons. The day when the Sun's northernmost point, the Crown of the Serpent, rises in the sky. This astronomical event is known as an eclipse and is usually marked by a decrease in daylight hours.

    CERN: Where Science and the Supernatural Collide

    CERN is a large particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, best known for its role in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle physics machine. The design of LHC explores the origins and dynamics of the universe's most fundamental particles.

    Seven Major End Times Signs | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching | Jimmy Evans

    If you observe closely, you will identify several indications that we live in the end times. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled more and more each day, and we are seeing events taking place that signal the nearing of Jesus' return. The signs include blood moons, regathering of Israel, constellation, Revelation 12 signs, Conflict in Jerusalem, division of the land and worldwide antisemitism.

    Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017, is NOT what we thought (you will be blown away at 17:00)

    On September 23, 2017, events convinced many people that the Revelation 12 Sign would mark the world's end. However, it was about how the world would be in the future if the sign of Joseph Smith receiving the plates from angle Moroni is anything to go by.


    The 12th chapter of Revelation is all about the woman and the child. The pregnant woman is wearing a crown of twelve stars. God protects the child and is holding a book. This book is symbolic of the Bible and is also known as "the Lamb's Book of Life."


    When the tomb of Nimrod was discovered, there was speculation that the cloning of the legendary king could be underway. The tomb, located in southern Iraq, is thought to be around 4,000 years old, and it was discovered by chance when workers were excavating an irrigation canal.

    Gilgamesh NIMROD Tomb Found Intact NEPHILIM Giant Skeleton Retrieved for DNA GENOMES. | 2017

    Archaeologists in the United Kingdom have unearthed a 4,000-year-old tomb that is said to belong to the legendary King Gilgamesh, the world's oldest known epic poem. The tomb was found intact and contained the remains of a giant skeleton that had been DNA sampled for the study.

    Treasure of Nimrud Is Found in Iraq, and It's Spectacular

    Exciting news that someone had found the long-lost treasure of Nimrud in Iraq broke in 2017. It is estimated that the treasure contains over 3,000 gold and silver objects. The items include jewelry, coins, and seals dating back to the 9th century B.C.

    The DNA of Nephilim king Gilgamesh and the war in Iraq

    Although there is no direct connection between the DNA of the ancient Nephilim king Gilgamesh and the modern-day war in Iraq, one can draw some interesting parallels between the two. For instance, both the Nephilim king Gilgamesh and Saddam Hussein were compelling individuals who could achieve great things through sheer force of will.

    Wiki (Gilgamesh):

    The resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh is a sacred space where the king is brought back to life after his death. It is located in the depths of the underworld, and the gatekeeper Urshana guards it. After passing through the seven gates of death, the king is brought to the resurrection chamber, bathed, and anointed with oil.

    The resurrection of Nimrod (Remains of Gilgamesh) via DNA Cloning

    Before the Iraq War, a tomb was discovered that matched King Nimrod's, as described in the Epic of Gilgamesh. In the desert, where the Euphrates River once ran, they matched the geographic location and structure of the story. But before archaeologists could get to work, the U.S. Military took control of the area. An eyewitness collected Nimrod's DNA.

    Nimrod = Gilgamesh = Baal = Adonis = Bacchus = Mithra = Apollo = Osiris = Ra

    According to the Book of Revelation 17:10-11

    "10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. 11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. "

    And also, Revelation 13:3

    "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast."

    Esau cut off Nimrod's head. Israelites considered the neck part of the head; hence having one's head cut off is regarded as a "deadly head wound."

    List of the seven kings:

    1. Nimrod
    2. Pharoah during Exodus
    3. Sennacherib - the king of Assyria
    4. The king of Tyre
    5. Antiochus Epiphanes
    6. Nero of Rome
    7. Modern Day Mass Murder (Maybe Stalin or Hitler or someone soon to come)

    Rob Skiba identifies the Antichrist from Scripture and a potential Omega Plan.

    Rob Skiba is a Christian filmmaker and teacher who specializes in Bible prophecy. Skiba lays out his belief that the Antichrist will be a figure from the Middle East who will lead a worldwide religious revival in one of his videos. Skiba believes that this revival will be an "Omega Plan" designed to bring about the world's end as we know it.

    The Scary TRUTH about Transhumanism (Transhumanism Genetic Manipulation Exposed Full Documentary

    Transhumanism is a philosophical and cultural movement that believes humans can and should use technology to enhance their physical and mental abilities. Some think this could eventually lead to humans becoming a kind of "post-human" species. But is this really something to be excited about?

    Come Out of Babylon

    You should know that 'Come Out of Babylon' is an anthem of hope and liberation. The words encourage listeners to break free from the devil's lies and darkness and come to God instead. The text is a call to repentance and faith, and it urges listeners to abandon their sinful ways and turn to God for redemption.

    How Nimrod was killed:

    Nimrod was so skilled in the art of hunting that he could kill lions and other dangerous animals. However, due to jealousy, Esau hatched a plan to kill him. He implemented it the day Nimrod and friends went hunting by ambushing them while still in the forest.

    New Info: America After Russians Attack 03/28/2022

    A world that forgets God can easily fall into ruin. When people overlook the importance of morality and righteousness, society quickly descends into chaos. This is exemplified in the Bible when the Israelites were in Egypt. America has forgotten God as a Nation. Time is rubbing out for the nation to return to righteousness or face the consequences.

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