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  • Mel Gibson's Recent Powerful Speech:
    About Our Future &
    The Devil Emerging In Vatican


    Mark Wahlberg on his Catholic faith, Fr. Stu, & working with Mel Gibson

    While appearing on the "Pints with Aquinas" show to shed light on his recent movie "Father Stu", Mark Wahlberg said he accidentally picked the story during a dinner out with Catholic fathers. He said that it motivated him as it brings different characteristics of the same character in one movie. Mel revealed that even though there are hidden evil acts at the Vatican, true believers should keep pushing their faith in God. The movie was an appreciation of humanity and the need to encourage others after the COVID-19 pandemic that caused havoc worldwide.

    Mark Wahlberg, born and raised as a Catholic faithful, appreciates the positive impact that his faith has had on his life achievements, failures, challenges, and successes.

    On a comical note, Mark Wahlberg noted that he added 30 pounds in 6 weeks, unlike widely thought that he did in 3 hours. Are there chances of the future and the Vatican interconnection?

    Mel Gibson REVEALS His Biggest Life Lessons (Exclusive)

    Mark Wahlberg, Co-actor and Fr Stu executive producer Mel Gibson while appearing on "Extratv show" to talk about his current projects, said his most important life lesson was that "life is too short to get panicked about anything." He continued to say that one had to look at themselves and discover the meaning of their existence; despite Mel Gibson being admitted for COVID-19 months ago, he revealed that he was healthy and back to normal and could "do one or two press-ups."

    Mel ends the Fox News interview when questioned about Will Smith's slap

    During his interview on Fox News, Mel Gibson couldn't answer about Will Smith's smacking Chris Rock. An incident that has been trending for weeks now. Instead burst into laughter while signaling the end of the interview.

    Joe Rogan & Jim Carrey DESTROY Will Smith for Smacking Chris Rock at Oscars

    According to Jim Carrey, Wills it was imprudent of Wills Smith to smack Chris in such a manner that his jokes are known to insult celebrities before their audience.

    Being a victim of a failed marriage, posed as an advanced version of the same, Will Smith was advised to seek help instead of reacting wrongly. The slapping incident was one of the wrong ways he was reacting. This was according to other actors. Jim ruled out the possibility of Chris Rock suing Will Smith as the video will counter his accusation.

    Jim Carrey Was SICKENED by Will Smith Oscar Moment

    Hollywood actors were no longer the cool club, Jim Carrey noted. This is as per Will's reaction. He termed Hollywood "spineless" as it couldn't do anything to Will Smith or Chris Rock's behavior on screen.

    Mel Gibson on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show

    While appearing on The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, Mel Gibson revealed how he learned to overcome his ego and challenges through his faith as a Catholic and was giving back to society by spreading the need for virtues as a father.

    Amazing Testimony with Passion of the Christ Actor!

    In a shocking revelation, Jim Caviezel, actor in the Passion of Christ, revealed that the crucifixion took five weeks to shoot. The scene which shows Christ being nailed on the cross had challenges due to bad weather. Strong wind posed a danger to the actor and distorted the scene. According to Mel, the director, the audience focus would be on the cross instead of the Christ. Jim Caviezel noted and had to be redone repeatedly, which prolonged the shooting of the scene to five weeks to achieve the best shot.

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