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    World Vision has been providing emergency relief and community development for approximately 50 years. Working as a global partnership, World Vision aids 94+ countries worldwide. Their mission goals are to transform communities through development, promote justice, fulfill the Church's mission, provide emergency relief, and to evangelize.

    As an independent private Christian organization, World Vision maintains no affiliation to any government, denomination, foundation, or corporation, though they do keep positive working relations with all these. As a Christian charity, they focus most of their effort on children, since they are the future of the every family. As Christians, they also encorporate evangelism into all of their projects.

    Two major types of projects are utilized within World Vision's missions. Long-term sustainable community development is one important facet. This type focuses on providing clean water, education, health care, agricultural improvements, and public hygiene. The other major facet is short-term emergency relief. By providing food, shelter, and medical care to victims of disasters, these short-term emergency projects bring hope to disastrous situations.

    The National Charities Information Bureau recently evaluated World Vision as a charity, and gave them flying colors. According to NCiB's Quick Reference Guide, World Vision meets all of their standards. NCiB continuously updates their evaluations, so you, the giver, will have up-to-date information. If you would like to obtain a written report on a certain charity(i.e ~ World Vision), request it and they will deliver it to you in the mail.

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