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    NOTES - 2 KINGS 13

    2 Kings 12 - 2 Kings 14 >> - HELP - GR VIDEOS - GR YOUTUBE - TWITTER - SD1 YOUTUBE    

    XIII The reign of Jehoahaz, ver. 1-9. A general account of the reign of Joash, ver. 10-13. Elisha falls sick, encourages Joash and dies, ver. 14-19. A dead body is raised by touching his bones, ver. 20-21. Hazael oppresses Israel, and dies, ver. 22-24. Joash beats the Syrians, ver. 25.

    Verse 6. The grove - Which Ahab had planted for the worship of Baal, and which should have been destroyed, Deut. vii, 5.

    Verse 7. He - The king of Syria. People - Of his army, or men of war.

    Verse 8. His might - For though his success was not good, he shewed much personal valour. Which is noted to intimate, that the Israelites were not conquered, because of the cowardice of their king, but merely from the righteous judgment of God, who was now resolved to reckon with them for their apostacy.

    Verse 14. Fallen sick, &c. - He lived long: for it was sixty years since he was first called to be a prophet. It was a great mercy to Israel and especially to the sons of the prophets, that he was continued so long, a burning and a shining light. Elijah finished his testimony, in a fourth part of that time. God's prophets have their day set them, longer or shorter, as infinite wisdom sees fit. But all the latter part of his time, from the anointing of Jehu, which was forty five years before Joash began his reign, we find no mention of him, or of any thing he did, 'till we find him here upon his death bed. Yet he might be useful to the last, tho' not so famous as he had sometimes been.

    Verse 17. Eastward - Toward Syria, which lay northeastward, from the land of Israel: this arrow is shot against the Syrians, as a token what God intended to do against them.

    Verse 18. Smite - The former sign portended victory, this was to declare the number of the victories.

    Verse 20. Moabites invaded - The mentioning this immediately on the death of Elisha intimates, that the removal of God's faithful prophets, is a presage of judgments approaching.

    Verse 21. He revived - Which miracle God wrought, to do honour to that great prophet, and that by this seal he might confirm his doctrine, to strengthen the faith of Joash, and of the Israelites, in this promise of their success against the Syrians; and in the midst of all their calamities to comfort such Israelites as were Elisha's followers, with the hopes of eternal life, whereof this was a manifest pledge, and to awaken the rest of that people to a due care and preparation for it.

    Verse 23. Had compassion - The slowness of God's process against sinners even when they remain impenitent must be construed to the advantage of his mercy, not the impeachment of his justice.


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