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    Micah 7 - Nahum 2 >> - HELP - GR VIDEOS - GR YOUTUBE - TWITTER - SD1 YOUTUBE    

    I The inscription of the book, ver. 1. A magnificent display of the glory of God, ver. 2-8. A particular application of this, to the destruction of Sennacherib's army, ver. 9-15.

    Verse 1. The burden - When the prophets were sent to denounce judgments against a nation or city, the word was usually called the burden of that nation or city. The vision - As prophets were of old called seers, 1 Sam. ix, 9, so their prophesies were called visions. Nahum - His name speaks a comforter, but it is God's people to whom he gives notice of the destruction of their oppressors.

    Verse 2. Jealous - For his own glory. Revengeth - As supreme governor, who by office is bound to right the oppressed, and to punish the oppressor.

    Verse 3. Hath his way - The methods of his providence. The whirlwind - Which beareth before it all things that stand in its way. The dust of his feet - Though he be surrounded with darkness, yet as an army afar off is discovered by the dust that their feet raise, so wilt God appear with great power marching against his enemies.

    Verse 4. The flower - Whatever flourished thereon; the blossoms, and flowers which were wont to be the glory of it.

    Verse 7. Knoweth - He approves, owns, and preserves them.

    8. An over-running flood - His judgments like a mighty flood that overflows all banks, shall swallow up Assyria. Thereof - Of Nineveh, that is Nineveh itself. Darkness - Troubles, and desolating afflictions.

    Verse 9. Against the Lord - What you imagine or design against his people, ye design against him? Make an utter end - He will bring you to utter desolation.

    Verse 10. As thorns - They shall be like thorns easily burnt, and like thorns folded together which burn together, and help to destroy each other. As drunkards - As men drunken, and unable to help themselves, so the Assyrians drunk with pleasure and pride, shall be surprised, and easily overthrown.

    Verse 11. Come - Sennacherib, or Rabshekah. Thee - From Nineveh. Against the Lord - Against the people of the Lord, 2 Chron. xxxii, 1.

    Verse 12. They - The Assyrians. Quiet - Be secure, and fear no dangers. Yet thus - Irresistible, suddenly, and universally. He - The angel of the Lord. Thee - O Israel, I will no more use that rod.

    Verse 14. Thee - Thee, Sennacherib, and the whole kingdom of Assyria. Be sown - None shall bear thy name, and title; but thy kingdom shall be swallowed up.

    Verse 15. Keep - Be careful to serve God. Thy vows - Made in thy distress. The wicked - That wicked oppressor, Sennacherib.


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