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    PS 5 David beseeches God to hear his prayer, ver. 1-3. Assures himself of God's justice against his enemies, ver. 4-6. Declares his resolution: to serve God, ver. 7. Prays for himself and the people of God, and against his enemies, ver. 8-12. To the chief musician upon Nehiloth, A psalm of David. Title of the psalm. Nehiloth - This is no where else used in scripture. It is thought to signify a wind-instrument, as Neginoth signified stringed instruments.

    Verse 1. Meditation - My prayer accompanied with deep thoughts and fervent affections of soul.

    Verse 3. Morning - Every morning. As soon as I wake, I am still with thee, as he saith, chap. 1xxxix, 18. The first thing that I do is to pray to thee.

    Verse 4. Surely - Thou dost not approve of, nor delight in them, or in their prayers. Dwelt - Have any fellowship with thee.

    Verse 7. Come - With holy boldness and confidence. Mercy - Trusting only in thy great mercy. Fear - With an holy dread and reverence of thy majesty. Towards - Looking towards it, when I cannot come to it.

    Verse 8. Righteousness - In thy righteous laws. Because - That I may give them no occasion of slandering me, or religion for my sake. The way - The way wherein thou wouldst have to one walk. Plain - That I may clearly discern it, and readily walk in it.

    Verse 9. Throat - Wide opened ready to devour all that come within their reach. A metaphor from wild beasts gaping for the prey.

    Verse 10. Destroy - Condemn and punish them. Cast - Out of thy land, and from among thy people.


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