Word: DN@

Pronounce: am-maw'

Strong: H520

Orig: prolonged from 517; properly, a mother (i.e. unit of measure, or the fore-arm (below the elbow), i.e. a cubit; also a door-base (as a bond of the entrance):--cubit, + hundred (by exchange for 3967), measure, post. H517 H3967

Use: TWOT-115c Noun Feminine

Grk Strong: G3358 G4083

    1) cubit-a measure of distance (the forearm), roughly 18 in (. 5m). There are several cubits used in the OT, the cubit of a man or common cubit (De 3:11), the legal cubit or cubit of the sanctuary (Eze 40:5) plus others. See a Bible Dictionary for a complete treatment.