Word: LLR

Pronounce: aw-lal'

Strong: H5953

Orig: a primitive root; to effect thoroughly; specifically, to glean (also figuratively); by implication (in a bad sense) to overdo, i.e. maltreat, be saucy to, pain, impose (also literal):--abuse, affect, X child, defile, do, glean, mock, practise, thoroughly, work (wonderfully).

Use: TWOT-1627,1627b,1628 Verb

Grk Strong: G1096 G1531 G1702 G2064

    1) to act severely, deal with severely, make a fool of someone
    1a) (Poel) to act severely
    1b) (Poal) to be severely dealt with
    1c) (Hithpael) to busy oneself, divert oneself, deal wantonly, deal ruthlessly, abuse (by thrusting through)
    1d) (Hithpoel) to practise practices, thrust forth (in wickedness)
    2) (Poel) to glean
    3) (Poel) to act or play the child
    4) (Poel) to insert, thrust, thrust in, thrust upon