Word: RYT

Pronounce: peh'-shah

Strong: H6588

Orig: from 6586; a revolt (national, moral or religious):--rebellion, sin, transgression, trespass. H6586

Use: TWOT-1846a Noun Masculine

Grk Strong: G52 G92 G93 G115 G265 G266 G458 G763 G3900 G4106

    1) transgression, rebellion
    1a1) transgression (against individuals)
    1a2) transgression (nation against nation)
    1a3) transgression (against God)
    1a3a) in general
    1a3b) as recognised by sinner
    1a3c) as God deals with it
    1a3d) as God forgives
    1a4) guilt of transgression
    1a5) punishment for transgression
    1a6) offering for transgression