Word: MCW

Pronounce: keh'-dem

Strong: H6924

Orig: or qedmah \i kayd'-maw\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; from 6923; the front, of place (absolutely, the fore part, relatively the East) or time (antiquity); often used adverbially (before, anciently, eastward):--aforetime, ancient (time), before, east (end, part, side, -ward), eternal, X ever(-lasting), forward, old, past. Compare 6926. H6923 H6926

Use: TWOT-1988a

Grk Strong: G165 G395 G744 G746 G1715 G2246

    n m
    1) east, antiquity, front, that which is before, aforetime
    1a) front, from the front or east, in front, mount of the East
    1b) ancient time, aforetime, ancient, from of old, earliest time
    1c) anciently, of old (adverb)
    1d) beginning
    1e) east

    2) eastward, to or toward the East