Word: diakonew

Pronounce: dee-ak-on-eh'-o

Strongs Number: G1247

Orig: from 1249; to be an attendant, i.e. wait upon (menially or as a host, friend, or (figuratively) teacher); technically, to act as a Christian deacon:--(ad-)minister (unto), serve, use the office of a deacon. G1249

Use: TDNT-2:81,152 Verb

Heb Strong:

    1) to be a servant, attendant, domestic, to serve, wait upon
    1a) to minister to one, render ministering offices to
    1a1) to be served, ministered unto
    1b) to wait at a table and offer food and drink to the guests,
    1b1) of women preparing food
    1c) to minister i.e. supply food and necessities of life
    1c1) to relieve one's necessities (e.g. by collecting alms), to provide take care of, distribute, the things necessary to sustain life
    1c2) to take care of the poor and the sick, who administer the office of a deacon
    1c3) in Christian churches to serve as deacons
    1d) to minister
    1d1) to attend to anything, that may serve another's interests
    1d2) to minister a thing to one, to serve one or by supplying any thing