Word: keramoj

Pronounce: ker'-am-os

Strongs Number: G2766

Orig: probably from the base of 2767 (through the idea of mixing clay and water); earthenware, i.e. a tile (by analogy, a thin roof or awning):--tiling. G2767

Use: Noun Masculine

Heb Strong: H3335

    1) clay, potter's earth
    2) anything made of clay, earthen ware
    3) a roofing tile
    3a) the roof itself
    3b) the phrase "through the roof", means through the door in the roof to which a ladder or stairway led up from the street (according to the Rabbis distinguish two ways of entering a house, "the way through the door" and "the way through the roof"

    For Synonyms see entry G5858