Word: krazw

Pronounce: krad'-zo

Strongs Number: G2896

Orig: a primary verb; properly, to "croak" (as a raven) or scream, i.e. (genitive case) to call aloud (shriek, exclaim, intreat):--cry (out).

Use: TDNT-3:898,465 Verb

Heb Strong: H2199 H5101 H6817 H7121 H7321 H7581 H7650

    1) to croak
    1a) of the cry of a raven
    1b) hence, to cry out, cry aloud, vociferate
    1c) to cry or pray for vengeance
    2) to cry
    2a) cry out aloud, speak with a loud voice

    For Synonyms see entry G5823