Word: odoj

Pronounce: hod-os'

Strongs Number: G3598

Orig: apparently a primary word; a road; by implication, a progress (the route, act or distance); figuratively, a mode or means:--journey, (high-)way.

Use: TDNT-5:42,666 Noun Feminine

Heb Strong: H734 H776 H1870 H1978 H2351 H3117 H3996 H4156 H4174 H4546 H4547 H4570 H4687 H4725 H5410 H7200 H7339 H7704

    1) properly
    1a) a way
    1a1) a travelled way, road
    1b) a travellers way, journey, travelling
    2) metaph.
    2a) a course of conduct
    2b) a way (i.e. manner) of thinking, feeling, deciding