Word: aner

Pronounce: an'-ayr

Strongs Number: G435

Orig: a primary word (compare 444); a man (properly as an individual male):--fellow, husband, man, sir. G444

Use: TDNT-1:360,59 Noun Masculine

Heb Strong: H34 H113 H120 H376 H582 H1004 H1121 H1167 H1368 H1397 H2145 H2205 H2993 H4193 H4397 H5315 H5387 H5971 H6213 H7218 H7307 H7563

    1) with reference to sex
    1a) of a male
    1b) of a husband
    1c) of a betrothed or future husband
    2) with reference to age, and to distinguish an adult man from a boy
    3) any male
    4) used generically of a group of both men and women