Word: proslambanw

Pronounce: pros-lam-ban'-o

Strongs Number: G4355

Orig: from 4314 and 2983; to take to oneself, i.e. use (food), lead (aside), admit (to friendship or hospitality):--receive, take (unto). G4314

Use: TDNT-4:15,495 Verb

Heb Strong: H622 H3947 H4871 H6213 H7126

    1) to take to, take in addition, to take to one's self
    1a) to take as one's companion
    1b) to take by the hand in order to lead aside
    1c) to take or receive into one's home, with the collateral idea of kindness
    1d) to receive, i.e. grant one access to one's heart
    1d1) to take into friendship and intercourse
    1e) to take to one's self, to take: i.e. food