Word: Annaj

Pronounce: an'-nas

Strongs Number: G452

Orig: of Hebrew origin H2608 ; Annas (i.e. 367), an Israelite:--Annas. G367 H2608

Use: Noun Masculine

Heb Strong: H2603

    Annas = "humble"

    1) high priest of the Jews, elevated to the priesthood by Quirinius the governor of Syria c. 6 or 7 A.D., but afterwards deposed by Valerius Gratus, the procurator of Judaea, who put in his place, first Ismael, son of Phabi, and shortly after Eleazar, son of Annas. From the latter, the office passed to Simon; from Simon c. 18 A.D. to Caiaphas; but Annas even after he had been put out of office, continued to have great influence.