Word: scolazw

Pronounce: skhol-ad'-zo

Strongs Number: G4980

Orig: from 4981; to take a holiday, i.e. be at leisure for (by implication, devote oneself wholly to); figuratively, to be vacant (of a house):--empty, give self. G4981

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H7503

    1) to cease from labour, to loiter
    2) to be free from labour, to be at leisure, to be idle
    2a) to have leisure for a thing
    2b) to give one's self to a thing
    3) of things
    3a) of places, to be unoccupied, empty
    3b) of a centurion's vacant office
    3c) of vacant ecclesiastical offices
    3d) of officers without charge