Word: carizomai

Pronounce: khar-id'-zom-ahee

Strongs Number: G5483

Orig: middle voice from 5485; to grant as a favor, i.e. gratuitously, in kindness, pardon or rescue:--deliver, (frankly) forgive, (freely) give, grant. G5485

Use: TDNT-9:372,1298 Verb

Heb Strong: H5414

    1) to do something pleasant or agreeable (to one), to do a favour to, gratify
    1a) to show one's self gracious, kind, benevolent
    1b) to grant forgiveness, to pardon
    1c) to give graciously, give freely, bestow
    1c1) to forgive
    1c2) graciously to restore one to another
    1c3) to preserve for one a person in peril