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    2 Chronicles 24 - 2 Chronicles 26 >> - HELP - FB - TWITTER - GR VIDEOS - GR FORUMS - GR YOUTUBE    

    XXV Amaziah revenges his father's death, ver. 1-4. Obeys the command of God and dismisses the Israelites, 5-10. Conquers the Edomites, ver. 11-13. Turns idolater and despises reproof, ver. 14- 16. Challenges the king of Israel and suffers for it, ver. 17-24. Ends his days ingloriously, ver. 25-28.

    Verse 2. But not, &c. - He was not an enemy to religion, but a cool and indifferent friend. He was not a man of serious piety; for his heart was not whole with God.

    Verse 7. Let not, &c. - It is comfortable to employ those, who we have reason to hope, have an interest in heaven, but dangerous associating with those from whom the Lord is departed.

    Verse 8. Do it - It is an ironical concession like that, go, and prosper.

    Verse 10. Anger kindled - Because they were both disgraced by this rejection, and disappointed of that spoil which they hoped to gain, whereas now they are sent away empty; for the hundred talents probably were given to their officers only to raise men for this service.

    Verse 13. Cities of Judah - Thus God chastised those cities of Judah for their idolatries which were found most in the parts next to Israel. The men of Israel had corrupted them, and now are a plague to them.

    Verse 16. Art thou, &c. - Who art thou that presumest to direct my affairs, without my commission? The secure sinner perhaps values himself on having silenced his reprovers and monitors. But what comes of it? It is a plain indication he is marked out for ruin. They that are deaf to reproof, are ripening apace for destruction.

    Verse 17. Advice - About the injury which the Israelites had done to his people, and how he should repair it. He took advice. But with whom? Not with the prophet, but with his flattering statesmen. It is good to take advice: but it should be of them who are fit to advise us.

    Verse 20. Of God - Who gave him up to his own error and passion, in order to his ruin.

    24. Obed-edom - With Obed-edom's posterity, to whom the custody of the sacred treasures was committed.


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