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    IX Instruments prepared to destroy the city, ver. 1-2. The glory removes to the threshold of the temple, ver. 3. Orders given to mark a remnant, ver. 3,

    4. The execution of them who were not marked begun, ver. 5-7. The prophet intercedes, but in vain, ver. 8-10. The report of him that had marked the remnant, ver. 11.

    Verse 1. He - The man whom he had seen upon the throne. Them - Those whom God hath appointed to destroy the city: perhaps angels. Every man - Every one; 'tis an Hebrew idiom. Each of these had a weapon proper for that kind of destruction which he was to effect; and so, some to slay with the sword, another with the pestilence, another with famine. In his hand - Denoting both expedition in, and strength for the work.

    Verse 2. And - As soon as the command was given, the ministers of God's displeasure appear. Men - In appearance and vision they were men, and the prophet calls them as he saw them. The north - Insinuating whence their destruction should come. One man - Not a companion, but as one of authority over them. With linen - A garment proper to the priesthood. They - All the seven.

    Verse 3. The glory - The glorious brightness, such as sometimes appeared above the cherubim in the most holy place. Gone up - Departing from the place he had so long dwelt in. He was - Wont to sit and appear. Threshold - Of the temple, in token of his sudden departure from the Jews, because of their sins.

    Verse 4. That sigh - Out of grief for other mens sins and sorrows. Cry - Who dare openly bewail the abominations of this wicked city, and so bear their testimony against it.

    Verse 5. The others - The six slaughter-men.

    Verse 6. At my sanctuary - There are the great sinners, and the abominable sins which have brought this on them.

    Verse 7. And slew - The slaughter also was in vision.

    Verse 8. Was left - Left alone, now both the sealer, and the slayers were gone.


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